Los Caiquenes Boutique Hotel , Chile

The Los Caiquenes Boutique Hotel is located in Puerto Varas in the heart of the Lake Region in Chile.

The rooms in Los Caiquenes are designed to deliver maximum comfort and peace, wrapped in a simple decor and good taste that will allow you to relax while enjoying every little detail.

Los Caiquenes is the first boutique hotel in the area, an excellent choice for a place that needed a space to suit its unique beauty. In one of the most beautiful landscapes of Patagonia, on the shores of Lake Llanquihue you can find Los Caiquenes. This small and exclusive boutique hotel is designed to surprise you and make your stay a unique experience.

Los Caiquenes Boutique Hotel - Puerto Varas, Chile

Los Caiquenes Boutique Hotel seeks to promote a unique experience throughout Chilean Patagonia from a place that serves to amaze every one of your senses.

With a different perspective of the south, you can see unforgettable sunsets from the terrace or from the comfortable rooms which were designed and decorated in a unique way to make the most of the setting.

One can also enjoy innovative and familiar high gastronomy. It gathers the best food in the area to make a unique menu.

Los Caiquenes Boutique Hotel Rooms:

Los Caiquenes Boutique Hotel Rooms
Los Caiquenes Boutique Hotel Rooms
Los Caiquenes Boutique Hotel Rooms
Los Caiquenes Boutique Hotel Rooms



Los Caiquenes Boutique Hotel

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