Hotel Altiplanico Cajón del Maipo , Chile

Nestled between the impressive mountains of the Chilean Andes, Hotel Altiplanico Cajón del Maipo is designed to fuse into the earth.

Altiplanico Cajón del Maipo features an expansive beautiful garden, including a swimming pool, a hot bathtub and breath taking scenery.

Swirling 360 degrees around, all you see is high mountain tops peaked with snow and the Maipo River beside flowing with its powerful waters. Ethnic inspired interiors invite you to relax in front of a fireplace or a bonfire at night.

Hotel Altiplanico Cajon del Maipo - San Jose de Maipo, Chile

This is completed by an attentive personalized service, exquisite food and the multiple options of outside activities you can do as well as quiet evenings with the stars and silence as an additional luxury.

In the midst of central Andes, this destination - though not widely known - is a treasure for those who love mountains, silence, and nature.

Hotel Altiplanico Cajón del Maipo Biking

At only one hour from Santiago, in the Maipo river canyon, it has access to the El Morado and the San Francisco Glacier, as well as Colina hot springs.

It is ideal for trekking and horseback riding. Also for wine lovers, the Maipo Valley offers its exclusive vineyards to visit. Silent and starry nights, clear air, with only the sound of the Maipo river beside, makes this area an ideal getaway for nature lovers.


Lunch or dinner is a daily fixed menu, which consists of salad or soup, main course (based on meats, poultry or fish), dessert, and tea or herbs.

The hotel personnel take extreme care to know in advance the special tastes of our guests and they have a degree of flexibility to adapt to individual dietary requirements.

Hotel Altiplanico Cajón del Maipo Dining

In general the culinary proposal is refined, elegant and delicate. The aim is to provide high quality service, very refined and original, served with delicacy while paying attention to the special tastes of guests and their needs.

Hotel Altiplanico Cajón del Maipo Rooms:

Each room is basically different. The hotel has double, triple and family rooms. The decoration is unique for each room, despite the difference all of them are spacious, comfortable and full or light. The privileged concept as in the rest of the Altiplanicos is home, the objective is that the passenger feels very relaxed and sheltered.

All rooms are large, bright and warm; meanwhile original they give the sensation of coziness. Earth colors are everywhere, but the finest touch of Altiplanico San Alfonso is the sound of the Maipo river flowing beside, giving off the music of strong water flowing and nature standing still.

Altiplanico Cajón del Maipo Rooms
Altiplanico Cajón del Maipo Rooms
Altiplanico Cajón del Maipo Rooms
Altiplanico Cajón del Maipo Rooms
  • Altiplanico Cajón del Maipo Activities:
  • Hotel Altiplanico Cajón del Maipo Activities

  • El Morado Glacier: There, it is possible to feel the magnificence of the Andes and to watch very closely the amazing spectacle offered by the glacier with its 12 ms high ice walls and the icebergs floating around the lagoon.
  • Embalse del Yeso (Dam): Situated in amidst the Andes, it collects the turquoise waters of Yeso river, in a beautiful landscape surrounded by snow-covered mountains. During the summer season travelers can practice windsurf and trout fishing.
  • Valle de la Colina Thermal Springs: Distant, majestic and silent land, amidst the Andes. A hot bath in the thermal springs can be combined with a cool rain or be taken in the moonlight during the summer season.
  • Horseback riding Colorado River Canyon: This is the best way to discover the Andes.
  • Trekking Meseta del Toro: A characteristic and beautiful place of the Cajon del Maipo area. There you can experiment a close contact with the flora and fauna of the Chilean central zone and also have amazing views of Maipo Valley and the Andes.
  • Rafting Maipo River: Maipo River is the most famous river of the Chilean central area.
  • Vineyard Tours: Maipo Valley is one of the six valleys where the most important vineyards are located. It is famous for its Cabernet Souvignon.
  • Adventure Sports: mountain climbing, boulders, canopy, bike riding, bungee jumping, randonee and snow rackets are some of the activities offered by Cajón del Maipo.

Altiplanico Cajón del Maipo

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