La Casona of Matetic Vineyard , Chile

La Casona of Matetic Vineyard is an ten-room boutique hotel located in a typical 1900s colonial construction in the Chilean countryside.

It was completely remodeled in 2004 and finely decorated by Max Cummins, famous architect and designer.

After enjoying a day touring the vineyard, experiencing wines and resting in the tranquility of El Rosario Valley, you can enjoy unparalleled hospitality. The comfort of the facilities and the personalized attention will make your stay a unique experience.


The modern wine cellar, designed by the team of Matetic Vineyards in conjunction with the architect Laurence Odfjell, was built in 2004; Taking into account every detail of the winemaking process and the care of the environment. It harmonizes the organic and biodynamic agriculture practiced in the vineyard and the natural landscape of the valley, merging with its surroundings.


La Casona of Matetic Vineyard


La Casona of Matetic Vineyard


La Casona of Matetic Vineyard


Hotel Features:

  •  Ten bedrooms
  •  Beautiful views of the vines and countryside
  •  A 5-hectare park for the use of the guests
  •  Guests Only outdoor swimming pool
  •  An elegant and cosy living room with chimney and pool table
  •  Free Wifi in common areas
  •  Easy access to Santiago, Viña del Mar, Valparaiso and central coast.



La Casona of Matetic Vineyard

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