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VIK Chile is an art filled 22-suite avant-garde retreat and wine spa located in Millahue, Chile on the VIK vineyard.

The vineyard retreat is perched on a hilltop above a lake at the center of this spectacular 11,000-acre (4325 hectare) vineyard with panoramic 360-degree views of the vines, multiple valleys, hills, forests and mountains up to 1000 meters with the majestic Andes Mountains in the distance.

Vik Chile welcomes guests through a central, open public living area and garden. Every suite boasts floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing guests to take in the majestic views across the stunning nature.

Beyond the public living areas, guests will find a striking cantilevered pool made of Absolute Nero granite extending out over the valleys and lake below, offering the sensation of swimming above the vineyard.

Vik Chile - Millahue, Chile

Guests visiting Vik Chile are invited to discover an unparalleled retreat and vineyard experience.

From private wine tastings of our world class VIK wine led by international wine experts to guided tours through VIK winery facilities, to horseback excursions through the vineyard and surrounding mountain trails or tours on mountain bicycles, there are countless leisure activities to appeal to cultured and adventurous travelers.

Vik Chile

Vik Chile Wellness Experiences:

To unwind and indulge, guests are invited to revel in Vik Chile’s tranquil wine spa, with treatments inspired by the land and incorporating VIK grapes into one-of-a-kind massage, facial and body-scrub treatments.

The holistic wine spa invites you to enjoy a unique wellness experience designed to renew your physical and mental energy with special therapies that are the perfect combination of aromas, textures and sounds that offers an outstanding breath of sensations.

Vik Chile Spa

Our treatment products were developed from our terroir, where the polyphenols from our grape seeds and resveratrol from the vines provide superior anti-aging, moisturizing, nourishing and anti-inflammatory properties.

The VIK Signature Massage is a luxurious wine bath that relieves muscle aches, delights the senses and softens the skin. The second stage of this therapy offers a full-body massage with grape seed oil, with anti-aging properties, that leaves the skin soft and smooth.


Following adventurous excursions, guests may savor delicious gastronomic treats from exceptional 4 course high culinary experiences to barbecues set amidst the vineyard hacienda enjoying Chilean inspired foods paired with exquisite VIK wine. VIK and Viña Vik are a two-hour drive from the Santiago Airport.

Vik Chile Selected Suites:

Vik Chile Rooms


Vik Chile Rooms


Vik Chile Rooms


Vik Chile Rooms


Vik Chile Rooms

Rock n' Rio

Vik Chile Rooms


Vik Chile Rooms

VIK Master Suite

Puro Vik

Puro Vik, a new retreat set in the hills at VIK in Chile. Working in tandem with Vik Chile, its pioneering sister property, the remarkable collection of glass houses offers a new way to experience Chile's breathtaking cultural landscape.

Ideally perched on a hilltop in the middle of this most picturesque valley, with the Andes Mountains in the distance, Puro Vik is a stunning destination nestled in Chile’s Millahue Valley – only a two-hour drive from Santiago de Chile.

Puro Vik

Puro Vik, a collection of glass houses that will hang from the steep hills just below Vik Chile, in the stunning nature and vineyard of Chile’s Millahue Valley.

Carefully positioned to offer the best vantage points for living in exquisite, cool and romantic luxury while capturing the magnificent dramatic natural surroundings. Puro Vik offers a hospitality experience which is rare, inspiring and singular by design.


Vik Chile

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