Awasi Patagonia , Chile

The perfect spot to enjoy Torres del Paine National Park while always returning to a secluded private reserve.

Situated on a private reserve overlooking Torres del Paine National Park. A thick native forest of Lenga and Ñire trees protects the chosen location from the strong Patagonian winds.

The native fauna remains protected in these forests where herds of guanaco, nandu, foxes, condors and the occasional puma can be spotted. Awasi Patagonia's strategic location allows you to enjoy the Torres del Paine National Park from the intimacy of the private reserve.


Inspired by old Patagonian shelters and estate "outposts," there are 12 villas on the reserve placed in such a way that each one enjoys great intimacy and the best views of the forest, Lake Sarmiento and the Torres del Paine. The common areas, with the restaurant, the reception, and pleasant lounge areas, are only a few meters from the villas. Each of the 860 square foot villas is furnished with a living room, wood burning stove and hot tub.

Each villa is assigned a private guide and vehicle so guests can explore at their own pace, visiting where they want, when they want. The excursions offered at Awasi are organized according to your tastes, preferences and special interests. For this reason the excursions are not standard or with fixed duration times, given that those times depend on the individual pace and possible stops that each guest might like to make along the way. The excursions can be carried out with a greater or lesser degree of physical exertion, depending on the conditions and wishes of guests. With regard to their duration, excursions are divided into half day (between 4 and 6 hours) and full day (between 6 and 10 hours) outings. The head guide and your private guide can discuss with you the best excursion alternatives tailored to your interests, fitness level and preferences.

All meals and excursions are included.


Awasi Patagonia
Awasi Patagonia


Awasi Patagonia
Awasi Patagonia



Awasi Patagonia

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