Hotel Jose Nogueira , Chile

A warm and elegant hotel with history and stories that will make you travel back in time.

The building has a neoclassical style with generous details in the ornamentation. The two story mansion was built in brick masonry, over stone foundations.


A wooden structure supports the ceiling, covered with a galvanized iron roof with a scales texture. Materials, furniture and decorations were brought from Europe.

The dishes at the restaurant La Pérgola are of the mediterranean style, incorporating the most selected of the typical products of the region. Their preparations respect all the flavor and freshness of local ingredients, highlighting them with creativity and a delicate presentation.

Hotel José Nogueira has 22 rooms available, 5 suites, 17 standard - 2 single 8 twin and 7 double rooms, all with finely adorned with stylish furniture.


Hotel Jose Nogueira


Equipped with 1 single bed. Room area 15 square meters.

Hotel Jose Nogueira


Equipped with 1 double beds. Room area varies with most of them at least between 15 and 16 square meters.

Hotel Jose Nogueira

Double Twin

Equipped with 2 single beds. Room area varies with most of them at least 16 square meters.

Hotel Jose Nogueira


Equipped with a king size bed. Room area varies from 30 to 51 square meters.



Hotel Jose Nogueira

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