Hotel Las Torres Patagonia , Chile

The Hotel Las Torres is a working private estancia and a comfortable, casual and relaxed lodge within Torres del Paine National Park, Chile.

The hotel is in a remote location with no other restaurants or hotels nearby. There is a small shop where guests can purchase some trekking equipment, snacks and toiletries. WiFi is available in the public areas.

Hotel Las Torres is an exceptional destination within Torres del Paine National Park. Located in the heart of the park, our hotel shows a unique character because of its past as a cattle farm, which is still possible to see through our organic garden, our stables and horses, our gauchos as well the layout of the hotel.

Hotel Las Torres - Torres del Paine National Park

Hotel Las Torres offers a close-to-nature travel experience getting to know the Patagonian roots, allowing our guests to interact with our past and our history. Our programs are flexible and include everything necessary to deliver unforgettable moments.

An authentic Patagonian experience with the local "baqueano" (gaucho) culture and the food focuses on regional and traditional gastronomy. There is an onsite organic garden and a small microbrewery.

Hotel facilities include the Coiron Restaurant, Pionero Bar, Spa, gift shop and kiosk. The horse stables are 100 meters from the hotel.

Hotel Las Torres Horseback Riding

Hotel Las Torres is the perfect accommodation to relax after a day full of activities. Discover traditional cuisine and enjoy one of the signature cocktails.

If you are looking for a special treatment, visit the spa to recover energy to further explore the national park.

Hotel Las Torres Horseback Riding

The impressive Andean massifs of Torres del Paine are surrounded by glaciers, waterfalls, lakes and lagoons, which together make this national park famous throughout the world for the richness of its natural beauty.


Included in the all-inclusive package are all meals and open bar (premium liquors and wines not included), guided excursions and use of all Spa facilities. A variety of guided excursions are available every day. You can consult with the specialized guides about the various excursions.

Hotel Las Torres Rooms:

Hotel Las Torres Rooms

Canelo Rooms

These rooms (20m2 / 215ft2) are very warm, pleasant and offer comfortable space mixing simple elements that evoke the history and culture of Patagonia.

Hotel Las Torres Rooms

Ciprés Rooms

Newly renovated, spacious (22m2 / 237ft2), warm, with excellent insulation and large windows to enjoy the scenery.

Hotel Las Torres Rooms


The suites are the largest rooms (38m2 / 410ft2) in the hotel and include a mini bar, a small living and jacuzzi where you can relax enjoying the beautiful view of the Paine Massif.

  • Hotel Las Torres Menu of Excursions:
  • Hotel Las Torres Excursions

  • Full Day
  • Full Paine (vehicle excursion):
    This is the best way to get to know the National Park by visiting its most famous attractions and enjoying some beautiful walks where you will get to know more about the flora and fauna of the marvelous mountains that form part of the Paine Massif.

    After enjoying a lunch outdoors we will take you to Lago Grey where you will have the option to take a walk around the lake shore or take the navigation and get close up to the Grey Glacier. Lunch included.
    Difficulty - easy; duration - 7-10 hours.

  • Las Torres, Ascencio Valley (trekking or horseback riding/trekking):
    One of the most visited places in the park, from Las Torres Lodge you will go through the Ascencio Valley to the Chileno mountain refuge. For the next 2 hours you will trek through a Nothofagus forest. You will climb to a spectacular viewpoint on the ridge of a moraine.

    From there you will have a view of the three towers, the Condor Nest and the south face of Mount Almirante Nieto. Optional horseback ride to the Chileno refugio from where you will continue on foot. Lunch included..
    Difficulty - strenuous; duration - 7 to 9 hours.

  • Los Cuernos, El Camino del Arriero (trekking or horseback riding):
    This will take you along the east side of the Ascencio Valley and will offer magnificent views of Mount Almirante Nieto and Lake Nordenskjold. You will get to the base of Los Cuernos del Paine (the horns). Lunch included.
    Difficulty - medium; duration - 6 to 8 hours.

  • Huella del Puma (trekking or horseback riding):
    Leaving the hotel you will border the west side of Cerro Paine getting a spectacular view when you reach the top of this hill. You will have the possibility to appreciate the hydrologic network of the Park, the Nothafagus forest, and views of the most impressive formations of the park.

    The scenery you get at the peak of this hill is one of the most spectacular of the entire park at an altitude of 1.509m. Lunch included.
    Difficulty - medium; duration - 8 hours.

  • Enchanted Valley (horseback riding):
    From Las Torres you will go to the east side of Cerro Paine with a fantastic view of the Seron Valley. Most of the trip will be through a Nothofagus forest. On the way back you will be beside the Rio Paine. Good opportunity to see and learn about horses and life on the estancias. Lunch included.
    Difficulty - medium; duration - 6 to 8 hours; Experience required: Medium.

  • El Sendero de los Lagos (vehicle and trekking):
    Depart by vehicle to the Lazo Ranch. From here you will begin a light trek towards Lake Toro with great views of the Macizo Paine and the different lakes of the area. Excellent site for bird watching. From Lake Toro, it is possible to have a panoramic view of the park, with its mountains, lakes and glaciers. Excellent photo opportunities. Lunch included.
    Difficulty - medium; Duration - 6 to 8 hours.

  • Paso la Feria (vehicle or hiking):
    You will explore the hidden landscapes of the Nothofagus forest that will open up at moments to let see the magnificent view of the Paine massif. You will end the hike on the lakeshore of Sarmiento Lake where you will be able to appreciate the impressive calcium rock formations, which are part of a unique view inside the Torres del Paine Park. Lunch included.
    Difficulty - medium; duration - 7 to 8 hours.

  • French Valley/Grey Glacier (vehicle/trekking/boat):
    Great view of the French glacier, its valley and the granite spires behind the Horns of the Macizo Paine. You will be transferred by private vehicle to the Pudeto area, from where you will cross Lake Pehoe by boat. You will hike through a Nothofagus forest and around Lake Skottsberg.

    The imposing Valle del Frances continues on in the distance, penetrating between the Paine Grande to the west and Los Cuernos (the Horns) to the east. Lunch included.
    Difficulty - strenuous; duration - 12 hours. November until March only.

  • Mirador Grey (vehicle/trekking/boat):
    You will get to Pudeto by vehicle. Here you will get on board of the "Hielos Patagónicos" Ferry and cross the Pehoe Lake, After a 30 minute navigation you will start the trek towards the Grey Glacier View Point.

    You will walk through rocky areas, evergreen and deciduous forests. You will finally be able to get a wonderful view of the Grey Glaciar and the lake by the same name filled with centenary icebergs. Lunch included.
    Difficulty - strenuous; duration - 10-12 hours. November until March only.

  • Half-Day
  • Nordenskjold Lake (trekking or horseback riding):
    A 3-hour trek designed to offer close contact with the wildlife of the south side of the Rio Paine. This tour is the best option to be contact with mammals and birds of the park.
    Difficulty - medium; duration - 3 hours.

  • Salto Grande (vehicle/walking):
    Good option to visit the south side of the park. You will visit the main viewpoints. You will walk through a path that will take you in front of the Paine Macizo to Salto Grande Falls.
    Difficulty - medium; duration - 4 hours (2 hrs. by vehicle, 2 hrs. hiking).

  • Patagon (vehicle/walking):
    This excursion is designed for those who would like to learn about the Aonikenk culture (the Tehuelches). You will visit places and valleys where these indigenous people used to live. This excursion is also a good option for bird watching, especially scavengers.
    Difficulty - easy; duration - 4 hours.

  • Lenga Forest (vehicle/walking):
    This is a special excursion for flora lovers. Along with your guide, you will explore the Lenga woods near the Las Torres Lodge.
    Difficulty - medium; duration - 3 hours.

  • Sarmiento Lake (vehicle/walking):
    Excursion designed to have a full view of Macizo Paine with light trekking for about four hours through Nothofagus forests. You will hike into a spectacular Lenga and Ñirres forest, ending at Sarmiento Lake, where you will observe Calcareas rock formations.
    Difficulty - medium; duration - 6 to 8 hours.

  • Horseback Riding through the Estancia:
    In this excursion guests will experience an approach to the horses, with or without previous experience. Guides and baquianos will teach you how to ride properly and experience local culture.
    Difficulty - easy; duration - by the hour; no experience required.

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Hotel Las Torres

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