La Yegua Loca Boutique Hotel , Chile

La Yegua Loca Boutique Hotel is located in the beautiful and southern city of Punta Arenas in Chile.

La Yegua Loca Hotel is just below the most important viewpoint called "Cerro de la Cruz", where you can appreciate a panoramic view of the entire city center and the historical Strait of Magellan.

This thematic hotel, the result of the rehabilitation of an old house of English court built in 1929, is set in the trades and traditions of Patagonia and born of the passion and love that Paola Milosevic and Sergio Solar feel for this wonderful region.

La Yegua Loca Hotel - Punta Arenas, Chile

Here at the end of the world, Croatian pioneers, English, Chilotes and so many others began to arrive from the mid-1800s, who shared their traditions and efforts to forge the destiny of Magellan, leaving us an invaluable socio-cultural wealth that is shown in each of the corners of the hotel.

La Cocina de la Nonna Restaurant, set in the purest Patagonian style of cuisine, where Croatian and typical regional recipes such as the Sunda of Centolla, the Lamb Garrón, the Croatian Ñoquis or the grilled octopus have been rescued and where you can enjoy exquisite desserts like creme brulee, roasted milk, chocolate brownie or its famous cheesecake.

La Yegua Loca Boutique Hotel Dining

Finally, its bar, a faithful reflection of the old Patagonian pulperías, is the perfect place to have an aperitif before lunch or dinner, and to be able to buy products made by artisans of the region. Among the recommended drinks, the renowned Potro Sour and the Ruibarbito. Drinks can be accompanied by their "Tablas to share".

Its 8 rooms are a homage to the old trades and traditions rooted in the Chilean Patagonia: The Coachman, The Estable, The Braider, The Orchard, The Milkmen, The Blacksmith, The Carpenter and The Shearing Shed.

All of them have antiques typical of offices and places of stay, showing them in an innovative way to surprise and bring customers to their history.


Located on the second and third floors of the house, 4 of them have panoramic views and 4 views to the city, from where to surprise with the majesty of the Strait of Magellan, Tierra del Fuego, the colorful city of Punta Arenas and the end of the American continent.

Facilities: All rooms have central heating, private bathroom, super king or double superior beds, with WIFI connection, telephone, desk, luggage storage and safe, hair dryers and amenities.

La Yegua Loca Hotel Rooms:

La Yegua Loca Hotel Rooms

The Coachman

The name of this room is a tribute to the trade of the Carrero, those people who traveled the Patagonia transporting goods and people from one place to another. They knew all the hidden paths and footprints that crossed the region. And they were available at any time of the year.

La Yegua Loca Hotel Rooms

The Orchard

The remoteness and the harsh Patagonian climate, do not allow harvesting fresh products regularly so this is a very important area in every ranch. The families of settlers began to plant their orchards (Huertas) using vegetables and fruit brought from the north and Europe.

La Yegua Loca Hotel Rooms

The Milkman

Every morning, enjoying a delicious countryside cheese or a mug of fresh milk, was part of the daily routine for our families. The person who daily supplied the milk in the cities or used to work in the countryside was the Milkman.

La Yegua Loca Hotel Rooms

The Carpenter

The carpenter was and is a very recognized trade in Patagonia. With noble woods as a lenga, this character came to his imagination and experience to build houses of great firmness, capable of withstanding the inclemency of the climate.

La Yegua Loca Hotel Rooms

The Shearing Shed

Witness of the glorious years that lived the livestock in Magallanes and source of work for many of the pioneers that arrived at these earth. With the sound of the bell of the warehouse at dawn, the beginning of a new working day, 6:00 am, was announced. The comparsas formed by shearers, velloneros, sweepers, pressers and so many others, began the work without raising head to shear and finish the bales of wool.


La Yegua Loca Boutique Hotel

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