Las Velas Beach Place , Chile

Las Velas Beach Place is the first resort in Guanaqueros, Chile which is a unique and wonderful place.

Making use of the natural resources of the region and located on a privileged beach with warm and calm water, Las Velas Beach Place has become the ideal destination for those who visit the Bay of Guanaqueros.

Las Velas Beach Place is located in Guanaqueros Bay, IV Region, with more than 20,000 (m2) of space, offers fine Mediterranean style cabins (5 cabins for 4 people, 2 cabins for 6 people and 3 for 8 people) ), simple wooden cabins (4 cabins for 2 people), swimming pool, playground, barbecue area and tennis courts.

Las Velas Beach Place - Guanaqueros, Chile

The restaurant serves local cuisine by the outstanding regional chef Ana BugueƱo with a surprising style, with details such as tables created based on boats that were disabled after the tsunami that affected the region in 2015, giving the resort greater local identity and awareness about recycling.

Las Velas Beach Place

Las Velas Beach Place offers the option of organizing tours of the region such as observatories, museum and Gabriela Mistral's house, old mines, fishing, visits to the Virgin of Andacollo and even trips to the desert in the Atacama region.

Las Velas Beach Place Rooms:

Las Velas Beach Place Rooms

White Cabins

There are 5 modules which each house 2 cabins, one for 4 people and one for 6-8 people. All white cabins are located in the first row with direct access to the pool and access to the beach.

Las Velas Beach Place Rooms

Forest Cabins

There are 4 cabins for 2 people that are located in a forest steps from the sea with access to the pool and access to the beach. Each cabin has parking, maid service, TV with Direct TV and a terrace.


Las Velas Beach Place

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