Casa Yahri , Colombia

Casa Yahri is a genuine experience in Barichara in the Colombian Andes.

At Yahri, we believe in authentic and immersive travel experiences.

We are convinced that in order to achieve this, travelers should be part of the village, and not limit themselves to experiencing it as a passing tourist. There is no better way to do it, than to live a few days in a private villa and become a "patiamarillo", as the locals are known.

Casa Yahri - Barichara, Colombia

Yahri is not a hotel, it is a carefully curated collection of private villas, all of them located in "La Loma" neighborhood, the most exclusive zone of Barichara.

Our local bilingual staff will make sure you feel at home and pampered at all times.

Barichara is known as the prettiest village in Colombia. Still untouched by mass tourism, you will find a quiet ambiance, a perfect weather and an authentic Colombian way of living. The surroundings are even more impressive: the dry nature of the andes meets rivers and canyons creating drastic landscapes. A paradise for outdoors lovers.

Casa Yahri

Casa Yahri is a fully furnished and carefully decorated villa. Located in La Loma neighborhood, with a privileged view, it will make your stay in Barichara an unforgettable experience.

The Suites have luxury details, beautiful terraces and spaces designed for rest, furnished with King size beds,the best linens, air conditioning, minibar, free Wi-Fi and cable TV.

The house can be rented in private, or on a shared room by room basis.

Casa Yahri Rooms:

Casa Yahri Rooms


The Aratoca suite is located on the upper floor, and is part of the original historic home that was built at the end of the 1800s.

Casa Yahri Rooms


Guane is a two bedroom suite ideal for families. Both bedrooms have private bathrooms and they share a huge private terrace facing the garden.

Casa Yahri Rooms


The Chicamocha suite is located on the middle floor and has a lovely private terrace.

  • Casa Yahri Experiences:
  • Casa Yahri Experiences

  • Artisanal Workshops
    Learn more about local artisans during a workshop. You can choose from: Adobe construction workshop & painting with dirt, ceramic making and clay painting, or weaving with "fique". There are more options available, ask us about them!

  • Visit a Coffee Farm
    Learn about the different coffee seeds and methods of preparation on a traditional coffee farm near Barichara. Have the opportunity to learn the entire process of coffee, from the seed to your own cup.

  • Explore Guane & its Archeological Museum
    Guane is a tiny village, lost in time and located 25 minutes away from Barichara. Visit the Main Square and it’s small but interesting Archeological and and Paleontological Museum.

  • Cable Car Across the Canyon This is not as much as an activity, but a great way to cross the Chicamocha Canyon for the first time and a shortcut to Barichara (35 minutes between Bucaramanga's Airport and Barichara).

  • Cooking and Wellness
    The best way to know a country is through its food. During this 3 hour activity you will get to know all the techniques and ingredients from the Santander's cuisine.

  • Tibetan Massage or Yoga
    Barichara has a big community of yoga and wellness professionals. Sessions can be arranged on request, based on availability.

  • Hiking from Barichara to Guane
    The “Camino Real” or Royal Path, was built in the XIX Century to connect the entire region. It goes through Barichara and connects to the tiny and lost village of Guane. This hike, with unique views, is one of the favorite hikes on the region. It takes around 2 hours walking plus the time spent visiting the village.

  • Hiking from Villanueva to Jordan
    Hidden in the Chicamocha Canyon is the “ghost” town of Jordan. The village is linked with other villages through a networks of old paths, the “Camino real” or Royal Path. After a 1 hour transfer to the starting point start hiking, mostly downhill, through the Chicamocha Canyon.

  • Horseback Riding
    This experience is definitely a great way to enjoy the views and the countryside! Riding through unique landscapes along with family and friends is a very traditional activity in the region.

  • Waterfall Rappel and Rafting on Fonce River
    A great family friendly experience! Rappel down the cascade, this activity will allow you to discover and to enjoy this beautiful place in the Juan Curi's Waterfall. It can be combined with floating on the Fonce River.

  • Hike From Villanueva to Jordan and Rafting on the Chicamocha River
    This area is great for rafting on the rivers that cross the canyon. Navigate a river surrounded by Colombian flora and fauna.

    We offer 3 levels of difficulty: beginners, intermediate and advanced. It is usually combined with hiking for a full day activity.

  • Mountain Bike Down Hill or Cross Country
    We have several routes for mountain biking. Either all the way down the Chicamocha Canyon or some softer options. Enjoy the adrenaline of going downhill through amazing views and natural surroundings.

  • Paragliding in the Chicamocha Canyon
    A must! It doesn’t need further explanations. The views of the canyon from the sky are memorable. We have several spots, so we will make suggestions on where to do it depending on additional activities.


Casa Yahri

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Memorize your passport number, as you will likely be asked for it on numerous occasions throughout your adventure.
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