Hotel Boutique Spa Terra Barichara , Colombia

At Hotel Boutique Spa Terra Barichara you can enjoy a sense of peace and tranquility in Barichara, which was declared the most beautiful town in Colombia.

During your stay in the hotel you will live a relaxing experience between nature and mountains, surrounded by beautiful landscapes that invite meditation.

Terra Barichara was developed taking into account social and ecological responsibility through the use of natural materials of the region. Their commitment to the environment is reflected in every detail of the hotel.

Terra Barichara Hotel - Colombia

Enjoy the spa with new special massage protocols and the only outdoor hydrocircuit in Santander. Let yourself fall in love with a land of calm and well-being between the green of nature and the song of the birds.

The Trattoria Terra Restaurant is surrounded by nature, water, sound, fragrances and flavors where you can enjoy the most exquisite Mediterranean food with an emphasis on Italian food.

Terra Barichara Hotel - Colombia

The historic center of Barichara was declared national monument in 1979 thanks to its historical, architectural and tourisim contributions.

The architecture of its colonial style houses, its white and thick walls in rammed earth and adobe, its wooden doors and windows, and it streets in stone and clay tile roofs, bring the typical image of a Spanish colonial town.


During your stay in Barichara you can enjoy many activities. The town has numerous restaurants, cafes and bars that preserve the colonial architecture for which it is well known.

Hotel Boutique Spa Terra Barichara Rooms:

Terra Barichara Hotel Rooms
Terra Barichara Hotel Rooms
Terra Barichara Hotel Rooms
Terra Barichara Hotel Rooms

Terra Barichara Hotel

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