Bogota Tours and Excursions , Colombia

The capital of Colombia is rich with culture and history that can be experienced by car, on foot or bicycle.


 Bogota City Tour

This guided visit to the Colombian capital starts at the Plaza de Bolívar (the city’s main square), which is surrounded by federal government buildings, and continues into the old colonial part of the city better known as “La Candelaria”, the San Francisco Church, the Gold Museum (closed on Mondays) and the Emerald Museum.

We then seek higher grounds by taking a cable car to the top of the Monserrate Hill, which offers a spectacular view of the city. The tour finishes in the north of Bogotá in a shopping center called Hacienda Santa Barbara in Usaquén, which is a small colonial village now surrounded by the city.

Full-day tour: duration – approximately 8 hours.

Half-day tour: duration – approximately 4 hours (abbreviated tour will not include all places on full-day tour)

 Bogota Highlights

Spend the day with a local guide visiting the highlights of Bogota. Begin the day at the Gold Museum, home of the world’s largest collection of pre-Columbian gold, where visitors can learn about ancient indigenous tribes, and the important role gold played in their culture, religion and traditions. Continue walking through the winding streets of La Candelaria, Bogota's historic district, recounting the fascinating stories behind the cobblestone streets, houses, plazas and cathedrals of this neighborhood.

En route, visit the Botero Museum, where maestro Fernando Botero shares his impressive personal art collection, which includes his own plump masterpieces and works by artists like Dali, Monet, Picasso, and Matisse.

Finish the day taking a gondola up to Monserrate Sanctuary, located at an altitude of 3,152 meters, for the best views of Bogotá. Due to long waiting times at Monserrate on weekends, guests can opt to visit other historic neighborhoods such as Usaquen or enjoy a sunset drink at another epic location in Bogotá.  Hotel transfers and entrance fees included. Total duration: 8 hours with 1.5 hours allotted for lunch (not included).

 Galavanting in Bogota

Experience Bogotá like a local alongside an English-speaking host who will give you a one-of-a-kind insider access into this exciting city. Walk around trendy neighbourhoods like Usaquen, Zona Rosa, Quinta de Camacho and La Macarena, visit hip bars and cafés, sample local food, and learn about life and culture of Bogota and Colombia.

Hosts are not traditional guides, they are fun and interesting locals who are happy to show their city to visitors - it's just like having a longtime friend in Bogotá!  Full-day tour - 12 hours. Half-day tour – 6 hours.

 Paloquemao Market

Alongside a chef, visit Paloquemao Market to discover Colombia’s incredible variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, and food stalls. Get away from the tourist trail, and spend the morning learning about local cuisine and traditions, tasting exotic fruits from Colombia’s most remote regions, and meeting the friendly vendors.

Recommended to arrive early in the morning to get in all the action. Hotel transfers included.  Total - 3 hours. We suggest following this tour with our cooking class.


 The World of Coffee

Visit La Palma y El Tucán, an innovative coffee hacienda that has revolutionized the coffee industry in Colombia.

With a model that helps local growers produce quality and not quantity, La Palma y El Tucan have created a exotic variety of specialty coffees. Tour the property with a coffee expert and learn about the process to make one of the best coffees in the world, recently sold at US$182 per pound.

Participate in a coffee tasting in their “secret lab” located among the mountains and surrounded by lush vegetation, spend the rest of the day learning about the different fragrances, aromas, flavors, and unique characteristics of the drink. Full-day tour. Driving time: 90 minutes each way. Please note it is recommended to leave early in order to avoid traffic.

 Bogota Restaurant Hopping

Have the best dinner experience tasting succulent dishes in three of the best restaurants in Bogota. You will get a chance to to eat each course meal in a different place, as you try the best food the city has to offer. Besides dining in the most renowned restaurants in town your guide will also introduce you to some of Bogota's finest chefs who will enlighten you about the wonder of cooking with local ingredients and creating their delicious menus. Duration: 3-4 hours

 Bogota – Street Food Tour

Due to its different cultures, landscapes and climates Colombia is not only rich in music, dances and dialects but has also a high diversity of food. The melting pot Bogotá combines tastes of all regions of Colombia and can be explored and tried in the streets of the capital.

This half-day tour includes tasting of diversity of fresh juices in a traditional shop in Bogotás colonial center, empanadas vallunas including fillings with meat, chicken, vegetables, etc., a workshop about preparation and origin of Bogotás traditional hot chocolate, degustation of chicha at the Chorro de Quevedo and trying exotic fruits at a small market place. Duration: approximately 4-5 hours.

 Panoramic Bus Tour (Small Group Tour)

Hop on the bus and lut us take you on a panoramic tour of Bogotá. We show you the difrerent areas in the North and Centre of the diversified 8 Million metropolis. Inlcuding audioguide in english and Citymap. Duration: approximately 3 hours. Operates from Wednesday to Saturdays.

 Bogotá By Night

Drive out at sunset towards the mountains and the secluded village of “La Calera” just on the outskirts of the city. From selected lookout points called “miradores”, you will be able to appreciate Bogotá’s spectacular sea of lights. The evening concludes with a dinner at a typical Colombian restaurant. Duration: approximately 4 hours.

 Bogotá by Bike

Our English and Spanish speaking guides will take you to a bike tour through Bogotá and will not only show you the plazas, beautiful parks and historical monuments of Colombia’s capital.

On the bike tours you will also see the “real Bogotá”, as well as you will learn about this beautiful nation’s politics, culture, art, graffiti-art and troubled history. The tour is very flexible and can change every day a little bit.

Teusaquillo by bike - you will enter the artistic Teusaquillo neighborhood. We will visit art galleries, Epoque libraries, parks, cultural houses and manufacturing artists.

Engergetic Bogotá by bike - we start with a healthy juice as ‘an energy kick’ for the coming bike tour. We will visit the Simón Bolivar Park, Virgilio Barco Library and we stop to make a Kundalini Yoga class. We will have fruit and drinks during our tour. As time permits, we can visit also the Botanical Garden and have a guided tour in English

 Bogotá Graffiti Tour

Bogotá is considered one of the world’s ‘graffiti-capitals’.

The megacity’s old town Candelaria is decorated with a number of houses covered with graffiti from different artists. The dominant socio-critical topics are represented within the scope of the so-called APC-topics ‘Animals, Power, Culture’ and treat several socially controversial issues such as human rights, animal rights, unequal power relations, or political situations in conflict regions throughout the world.

It’s truly an impressive way for people to get the chance to look behind the scenes of ‘street art’ and its different techniques. The tour shines a light on a variety of historical and societal topics and is appealing to more than just the younger generations.

The walking-tour (SIB) starts every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday at 10am and 2pm. The meeting point is the ‘Parque de los periodistas’ in the old town of Bogotá.

 The Central Cemetery of Bogota – History And Myth

In the year 1836, the cementry of Bogota was built in the outskirts of Bogota.

The half day tour to the Central Cemetery is essential if you are interested in a deep understanding of the country as well as Colombian culture and society. It is a place of history and religion, a place of magic, miracles, and faith.

Here, the remains of many important figures of Colombian history are located: Presidents and revolutionaries, generals and guerrilla-leaders, presidential candidates who were killed by Pablo Escobar, poets and scientists. It is surprising to see the cultural blending: Historic facts mix up with myths, catholic faith, superstition and witchcraft.

A “must see” is the tomb of Leo Kopp, a Jewish-German businessman who emigrated from Germany to Colombia to start „Bavaria“ – nowadays the biggest brewery in Colombia. Leo Kopp is known and respected for his financial success and his care for his employees. Every day a couple of dozen of people come to visit his golden statue where they whisper their wishes into his left ear in order to receive some of his luck. Duration: Aprox. 3 hours.

 Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá

Leaving Bogotá to the north, we cross the savanna landscape to the town of Zipaquirá, about 50 km away. Upon arrival you will be able to visit the fully functioning Salt Cathedral. This unique building was constructed approximately 120 meters underground in a former salt mine. The trip ends with a visit to Zipaquirá’s charming central square. Duration: approximately 4 hours.

 Lagoon of Guatavita (Closed On Mondays)

We leave Bogotá and travel north, enjoying the landscape of the savanna while climbing the slopes towards Guatavita, where we arrive at the legendary Guatavita Lagoon, located at an altitude of 3000 meters.

Hike through the lagoon that is the source of the “El Dorado” (gold treasure) legend. According to legend, the original inhabitants of this region, the Chibcha ethnic group, used to perform a religious ceremony at the lakeside.

The Cacique (or tribal chief), would be covered entirely with gold powder before being submerged in the lagoon, as an offering to the gods, while his subjects threw golden jewelry into the waters. It is said that rumors of this gold-covered man spread to the Spanish invaders and that from then on the legend of El Dorado was born. Duration: approximately 5 hours. 

 Zipaquira and Lagoon Of Guatavita (Closed On Mondays)

Trip to Zipaquira with a visit to the famous Salt Cathedral which was constructed approximately 120 meters underground and used to be a salt mine. Once above ground we visit Zipaquirá’s charming central square and end the day with a visit of the legendary lagoon of Guatavita. Duration: 8 hours approximately.



Departure from Bogotá driving south, down the Easter slopes of the Andes mountain chain on route to Fusagasugá, about one and a half hour’s drive away. The town is surrounded by tropical landscapes and has a pleasant warm climate.

Once there, a guided visit leads us to a beautiful hacienda where it will be possible to discover a wide variety of orchids and bromeliads, which are exported all over the world. A tour through a typical coffee plantation together with a detailed explanation of the coffee cultivation process will end the day. Duration: approximately 8 hours.

 Villa de Leyva

At dawn, we leave Bogotá via the Northern Expressway. After about 2 hours, we will arrive at the most important monument in Colombian history: the “Boyacá Bridge”. It is on this bridge that Simón Bolívar fought and won his most decisive battle against Spanish settlers.

Travel continues until we arrive in Villa de Leyva, one of the most beautiful and well-preserved colonial villages in South America. A walk around the town will be followed by lunch in a rustic setting (lunch not included in price). On the return journey to Bogotá we visit Ráquira, a village famous for its clay pottery and Chiquinquira, an important pilgrimage site. Duration: approximately 12 hours.

Travelling from Bogotá to Villa de Leyva takes about 4 hours (one way). The journey is varied and the landscapes are beautiful, but the time in the car or bus is quite long. We suggest to stay at least 1 night in Bogotá (see our packages Boyacá). The daytour to Villa de Leyva is ment for guests who have few time and dont mind about long journeys.

 Savanna Train

In the morning, transfer to one of the “Savanna Train Stations”. The day starts with a ride in an old steam locomotive, taking you at a leisurely pace through the outskirts of the city towards Zipaquirá.

During the ride one can enjoy the view as the train passes through several picturesque villages. It will be possible to drink Aguardiente, Colombia’s national drink, and typical music will lighten your journey. You will be free to walk up and down the train, meeting Colombian tourists and families for whom the “ Tren de la Sabana “ is a pleasant Sunday outing.

The train stops in Zipaquirá, with the opportunity to visit the Salt Cathedral, (not included in the price the entrance fee and the transport from Zipaquira train station). In the afternoon, return to Bogotá and transfer to the hotel. (Scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays) Duration: approximately 10 hours.

 Chingaza National Reserve

Morning drive northwards to the Chingaza National Park, 50 kilometers out of Bogotá. Lunch should be a take away for time reasons and is not included. The park, which covers more than 504 square kilometers, is located on the Easter slopes of the Andes. Vegetation varies from forest to moorlands and lagoons. Here one encounters frailejones, ancient plants that flourish in the cool, mystical climate, and many varieties of fauna. Entrance allowed Friday to Sunday for a maximum of 30 people. Duration: approximately 8 hours.

 Chicaque Trekking Reserve

Morning departure from Bogotá to the south of the savanna. After a 1-hour drive we arrive at Chicaque Natural Reserve. You will be able to enjoy 15 kilometers of paths surrounded by spectacular landscapes and a well-preserved native forest. One of the great route options is the Eagle Peak, were you will have a spectacular view of the Tequendama Region. Overnight accommodation is available. Duration: approximately 8-9 hours


 Workshop – Colombian Dances

Drive from the Hotel to a district at the mordern north of Bogotá to the dancing school Punta y Taco.Two hours of dancing lessones to get to know the most important steps of: Salsa, Cumbia, Vallenato, Merengue and Bachata. As an extra gift guests get a link to a short video of the lesson. Fun is guaranteed. The lessons are given individually and by professional dancing teachers. Duration: approximately 3 hours.

 Special: Emerald Workshop

Colombia is the world’s largest exporter of emeralds.

A tour of approximately 2 hours, in which you will learn about the marvellous world of emeralds. Our experts take you to the commercial heart of the world of emeralds, where they will immerse you in our knowledge of the history and the reality of this market. Our experts have amassed over 30 years of experience in the field of emeralds and as such have substantial knowledge and a wealth of experiences to share with you.

On this tour of the Emerald District you will visit the traditional, relaxed and picturesque market, followed by a workshop to learn the process of carving and finally an office, for a presentation about gem stones. There will also be opportunities to admire and touch an innumerable amount of emeralds, in their crude and carved forms, as well as when used in jewellery. The goal of this tour is that by the end you will be an expert in the world of emeralds. Duration: approximately 2 hours. (Only from Mon to Fri)

 Special: Colombian Cooking Experience

Get to know the diversity of Colombia through its food, guided by a local expert. In this tour, you will experience a day of food shopping, cooking and conversation with a local chef or family.

The Colombian cooking experience begins at the local market! Here we will experience the diverse type of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers that are unique to this country. After purchasing the necessary ingredients, we will head to the kitchen to cook typical Colombian recipes.

Sit down to lunch with the chef or family and enjoy the fruits of your labor, while getting a personal, first-hand experience of local life and culture in Bogota.  Enjoy your meal!Duration: approximately 4-5 hours.

 Special: Playing Tejo, Colombians National Sport

Playing tejo requires great ability and concentration. It is the designated national pastime of Colombia, a sport invented by the Chibcha Indians. Metal discs are thrown at the targets, and those targets embedded in sand are small explosive charges of gunpowder wrapped in paper known as mechas. The goal is to hit these Mechas with your Tejo, so that the black powder will explode. 


 Mountain Biking and Waterfall Hike

You will be met at your hotel by your guide and depart Bogota by vehicle to the east first stopping at the viewpoint of Guadalupe, with a panoramic view of Bogota.

Continue to the starting point of your downhill bike ride at 9000 feet above sea level. You will be given all safety gear and test ride your bike. Begin the descent from the highlands on a scenic ride along single-track trails to the town of Choachi.

Lunch will be served in Choachi. Afterwards, continue the bike ride to the start of the hiking trail to the tallest waterfall in Colombia - La Chorrera - a unique and scenic place that is a must for adventurers and lovers of the nature. Lunch is included.

Our private transport picks you up from your hotel in the afternoon and takes you to one of Bogotá's beery tejo venues. These are very rustic and authentic places, where people use to drink a lot of beer. Duration: approximately 2-3 hours.


 La Chorrera De Choachi – The Highest Waterfall in Colombia

After breakfast in the hotel (in the Old City Candelaria) we leave the bustling big city of Bogota in just some minutes and pass above Cerro de Guadalupe  and Cerro de Monserrate on a small Andean road with light traffic.

On this way you can enjoy the stunning views of Bogota! On our way to the 598 meter high cascade, the highest (interrupted) waterfall in Colombia, we cross the mystic Paramo landscapes in more than 3000 meters above the sea level. Here you can experience this unique ecosystem of the Andean mountains with their  Fraylejones, the typical Paramo vegetation.

We descend the twisting road and in just 45 minutes away from Bogota we start our hike through the mountains to La Chorrera waterfall. The narrow trail passes through amazing cloud forest, filled with orchids, bromelias and dozen of species of birds. At the end of the hike you will be impressed by the degree of sound intensity of La Chorrera de Choachi.

On our way back we have lunch (not included) and we have time to take a refreshing bath in the cold waters of the “Cascada el Chiflón”. We hike back through the cloud forest and reach Bogota in the afternoon. The hike takes about 4 to 5 hours.Duration: approx. 8 hours


Explore one of Bogota’s most charming and traditional neighborhoods, filled with quaint narrow streets lined with colonial houses. Delight yourself peeking into boutiques and artisan shops, or relax at a café while delighting in people watching. The neighborhood really comes to life on Sunday with the street market. Transfers included.

 The Local Experience at Andres Carne De Res

Depart your hotel for the hour drive to the small town of Chia and the restaurant where Alice-in-Wonderland meets Moulin Rouge, with theatrical services, colorful ceramic cows and the most contagious dancing vibes.

However, to truly experience this magical place, you will be accompanied by local English-speaking hosts who will guide you through the never-ending menu options, teach you some dance moves and show you what it means to be Colombian!  Hotel transfers included.  Total -  about 5 hours.

Bogota Tours and Excursions

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