Hotel Movich Buró 26 , Colombia

The Hotel Movich Buró 26 is a luxurious Bogota, Colombia hotel with a sophisticated design and great Colombian flavor.

Hotel Movich Buró 26 is the closest option to the El Dorado International Airport.

Designed by the Portuguese Nini Andrade, the hotel has a unique Colombian identity: it evokes the best of our country's culture. Its wide and glamorous spaces are inspired by the vueltiao hat, typical of the Colombian Caribbean region. The materials used for the architecture are organic and warm.

Hotel Movich Buró 26 - Bogota, Colombia

The restaurant’s architecture is sophisticated and inspiring. It evokes the materials used in traditional Colombian crafts, namely, caña flecha, which is what is used for the sombrero vueltiao.

Visit the spa, jacuzzi, sauna, and gym to exercise or relax. The gym is equipped with what is needed for your daily exercise routine and at the spa you can enjoy the best body and facial treatments or you can simply relax in the jacuzzi or sauna


The hotel service stands out for its warmth and kindness. Here you will have a peaceful and relaxing stay in an excellent location. Visit the Hotel Movich Buró 26 and live an unforgettable experience with a lot of local flavor.

Hotel Movich Buro 26 Rooms:

Hotel Movich Buro 26 Rooms
Hotel Movich Buro 26 Rooms
Hotel Movich Buro 26 Rooms

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Hotel Movich Buro 26

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