El Dorado Nature Reserve Lodge , Colombia

Named after the legendary city of gold, El Dorado is the ProAves’ flagship Colombia nature reserve and one of the most important birding sites in South America.

El Dorado Nature Reserve Lodge includes 10 rooms and five Kogihabs (individual huts, inspired by the architecture of the kogui indigenous tribe) offering wonderful views of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and its legendary sunsets over the Caribbean Sea.

Located about 2.5 hours from Santa Marta and 2 hours from Minca, Colombia, it is necessary to have a 4×4 vehicle due to the road conditions after Minca. A mecca for birding in the Americas, the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta rises 19,000 feet from the Caribbean coast.

El Dorado Nature Reserve Lodge - Santa Marta, Colombia

The Sierra Nevada Eco-Center welcomes visitors and has an Eco-shop; ideal for buying gifts and souvenirs that support conservation. The Blue Moon Restaurant serves excellent meals to a set menu of lovingly prepared Colombian food. Relax and enjoy beautiful views from the bar, whilst having a drink in the evening.

The Kogihabs are located about 15 minutes from the main lodge, these rooms are only recommended for visitors able to walk through the forest in uneven paths.

El Dorado Nature Reserve Lodge Birding

We are a globally significant nature reserve, committed to producing finances to invest in conservation all around Colombia, we do our best to make your stay comfortable; however the challenges of being in such a remote place means that sometimes we have issues out of our control.

Due to the remote location and weather conditions El Dorado Nature Reserve often has electric power cuts, so please bring a flashlight with you and enjoy connecting with nature without the distraction of modern day technology.


Please be patient with us and know that it is a privilege to be in a place that is recovering from years of violence and would not have been preserved if wasn’t for the work of Proaves and the individuals and partners who have supported us world wide. We are not yet at the level of other countries that have been able to do this for a lot longer. but we’re certainly working towards it.

El Dorado Nature Reserve Lodge Rooms:

El Dorado Nature Reserve Lodge Rooms
El Dorado Nature Reserve Lodge Rooms
El Dorado Nature Reserve Lodge Rooms
El Dorado Nature Reserve Lodge Rooms

El Dorado Nature Reserve Ecolodge

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