Monasterio del Viento , Colombia

Come and discover the best kept secret of Colombia’s Caribbean at Monasterio del Viento Hotel in Providencia, Colombia.

The property, which sits directly over the turquoise ocean in Providencia, Colombia, seamlessly combines luxury-style living with the charming feel of a “home away from home” and its authentic decoration helps it blend into its surroundings.

The Colombian island of Providencia, also known as Old Providence, is located in the Caribbean Ocean, and is part of the archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina. It is the second island in size in the Archipelago. It has 17 km² in length and 4 km in width. It is 90 km north of the island of San Andrés and 720 km northwest of the Colombian coast and only 300 kilometers east of the Nicaraguan coast.

Monasterio del Viento - Providencia, Colombia

One of the most charming aspects to the house is the beautiful mosaic artwork that is featured into many areas, both outside around the pool and living areas, created by local artists.

The common areas in Monasterio are all designed to generate an intimate connection with the natural environment that surrounds the house.

Monasterio del Viento

The kitchen and the living room are on the first level, and they are integrated in the same space. This is the area where you will enjoy the gastronomical delights during your stay.

It is a comfortable living room, where you may relax, read or share pleasant moments with your couple, family or friends. The exterior areas have different spaces such as a large deck, a tiki bar, a small beach where guest can relax under palm trees, find shade or sunshine, read, practice yoga or enjoy a massage.


We have three different decks surrounding the house. One is on the water, giving the sensation of being on board a ship. The other two decks have hammocks, seats and chess longs to sun bathe. These three areas may also be adapted to provide you special ambiances for your meals. You may also enjoy our fresh water infinity pool.

Monasterio del Viento Rooms:

The home has four bedrooms; the main house has two very large and comfortable bedrooms with private bathrooms. The other two bedrooms are smaller and share a bathroom. Four couples comfortably sleep and the house can accommodate a maximum of 12 guests.

Monasterio del Viento Rooms


Zephyr is one of the main rooms. It has a king-size bed and two single beds are stored underneath the king bed. The room has a large balcony that overlooks Crab Key, and a spectacular bathroom with an outdoor shower.

Monasterio del Viento Rooms


Mistral is the second room in the main house. It is an ample space and enjoys generous light, surrounded by small balconies that overlook distinct and diverse views. The room has a king-size bed and to single beds which are stored underneath.

Monasterio del Viento Rooms


Located in an adjacent cabin next to the main house, these rooms are built in a loft setting that’s ideal for hosting children and younger visitors. Bentu has a queen size bed along with a single bed and a bathroom.

Monasterio del Viento Rooms


Levanto is on the top level above Bentu and has a queen size bed.


Monasterio del Viento

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