Hotel Punta Faro , Colombia

Hotel Punta Faro is a small hotel located on Múcura Island in the San Bernardo island chain. The only access is by boat from Cartagena.

Discover the soothing symphony of the waves, the meandering song of ocean breezes and the whispering of palms.

A habitat of green and blue gods seduces love itself, the song of the winds makes the night fall in love, and together they create a paradise for two.

Hotel Punta Faro - Isla Mucura, Colombia

Discover bicycle routes that will lift your spirit. Enjoy walks on the beach and through the mangroves. Hear the call of the ocean and submerge yourself in a world of coral reefs.

In our association with the National Natural Parks of Colombia we gather data in our resort complex that can be used to measure our environmental progress in comparison with other resorts similar to Punta Faro.

Punta Faro Sea Turtle Preservation

We are proud to be part of a consortium for the preservation of sea turtles.

Our objective is to create awareness and do everything possible so that all those in the San Bernardo island chain shall value and respect this endangered species.


The meals at Punta Faro offer a variety of seafood prepared in traditional Colombian and Caribbean recipes. Service is buffet style.

When booking, please indicate dietary restrictions, including vegetarian or allergies to any kind of food, and they will offer appropriate alternatives.

Hotel Punta Faro Rooms:

Hotel Punta Faro Rooms


Standard rooms, designed for comfort and rest, are the perfect choice for families or couples.

Hotel Punta Faro Rooms


These accommodations are ideal for those who enjoy silence and privacy in rustic yet refined surroundings.

Hotel Punta Faro Rooms

Junior Suite with Ocean View

When you check into your room the unrivaled view will take your breath away as the sea breeze caresses you on your private deck. You will make memories for a lifetime.


Punta Faro

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