Hotel Hacienda Castilla , Colombia

Hotel Hacienda Castilla in Pereira, Colombia is located in the heart of the Colombian coffee region.

Built with traditional Cauca architecture and framed with the beauty of the region, it has been part of the history of the city and the country since 1716. The hotel has been restored and is equipped with all modern services.

During your stay, you can enjoy spaces full of tranquility such as the swimming pool, gardens, charming rooms, spaces for relaxation accompanied by excellent service. The area is home to a variety of animals such as iguanas, squirrels, parrots and many other types of wild birds.

Hotel Hacienda Castilla - Pereira, Colombia

The restaurant features international dishes, using local products from environmentally friendly suppliers, because they will always be fresher and therefore of better quality, in a relaxed atmosphere and friendly service.

Don't forget to try the dishes recommended by the chef; two semi-private dining rooms and a private dining room are also available.

Hacienda Castilla Dining

From the hotel, you can easily visit places like the Park of the Nevados, Santa Rosa Hot Springs, Calima Lake, La Pastora, Cocora Valley, Salento, and cities such as Manizales, Armenia and Cali.

Hotel Hacienda Castilla Rooms:

Hotel Hacienda Castilla Rooms
Hotel Hacienda Castilla Rooms
Hotel Hacienda Castilla Rooms
Hotel Hacienda Castilla Rooms

Hacienda Castilla

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