El Cantil Ecolodge , Colombia

From the moment you arrive El Cantil Ecolodge in Nuquí, Colombia, you will be met by a dedicated staff with over eighteen years of experience.

The lodge-style hotel has seven rooms which, like everything else at El Cantil, have been created for nature lovers, divers, surfers and people who need to take a break from the overwhelming pace and stress of the city.

Multiple activities and short trips are available in the surrounding area of the hotel that will allow you to have the best vacation possible in Nuquí—one of the best preserved natural destinations in Colombia.

El Cantil Ecolodge - Nuqui, Colombia

El Cantil has seven comfortable rooms for single, double and multiple occupancy. The simple architectural design lacks excess and gently blends in with the surrounding natural environment, ensuring you a peaceful and harmonious rest.

The cabins are built with immunized wood, shingle roofs, and each has its own spacious bathroom with jungle views. Every room has good quality mattresses and mosquito nets on each bed, built-in wardrobes, and a terrace with hammocks and an ocean view.


El Cantil Ecolodge has been built under the premise that ecotourism shouldn't mean discomfort. The common areas consist of a kiosk-style restaurant with a 35-person capacity, two sun terraces with excellent ocean views and a hammock area.

The panoramic view from the restaurant makes breakfasts, lunches and dinners unique experiences, which, added to the famous flavors of the hotel's seafood menu, will not let you forget your visit to El Cantil.

El Cantil Ecolodge Rooms:

El Cantil Ecolodge Rooms
El Cantil Ecolodge Rooms
El Cantil Ecolodge Rooms
El Cantil Ecolodge Rooms
  • El Cantil Ecolodge Activities:
  • El Cantil Ecolodge Activities

  • Kayaking
    Kayaking around El Cantil is a relaxing experience to get in touch with nature. Nuquí offers a unique and majestic seascape where you can enjoy watching animals like dolphins, whales, flying fish, birds and all the while having an incredible view of Colombia's Pacific coast.

  • Hiking
    As you hike through the jungle, our hotel guides will show you Nuquí's natural and cultural treasures. You will learn some of the uses locals have for certain plants, and their knowledge and stories about the native fauna, and their myths and traditions—none of which you will find on any search engine.

  • Having direct contact with nature while your guide tells you all about the natural surroundings (without making it sound like a biology lesson) make our guided tours unique and different from other tours in the region. Add value to your holiday; choose hikes and walks that are at your fitness level so you can enjoy them fully.

  • Surfing
    We also have different types of surfboards available for rent so you can enjoy the waves in front of the hotel.

  • Snorkeling
    The Pacific Ocean is characterized by its incredible abundance of marine fauna, and although visibility is not the same as in the Caribbean, it's still a worth while experience. We have snorkels, masks and fins for rent, and guides to help you enjoy what Nuquí's coast has to offer.

  • Speed Boat Surf Tours
    An outing on a speedboat will allow you to enjoy the landscapes and experiences that Chocó has to offer. Being out on the water while in Nuquí is a great experience no one should miss out on.

    You can visit rivers, beaches, inlets and rocks like Cabo Corrientes; jump out into the water and listen to the whales from June to October, go snorkeling and diving; you can practice sustainable fishing or get a taste of the local culture by going up to the fishermen in their little wooden canoes, which they ride out to sea with nothing more than an oar and their fishing gear, and buy fish directly from them.


El Cantil Ecolodge

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Memorize your passport number, as you will likely be asked for it on numerous occasions throughout your adventure.
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