Boutique Hotel Aguas Claras , Costa Rica

Hotel Aguas Claras is a luxury adults-only arts boutique hotel on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast.

Boutique Hotel Aguas Claras' tastefully renovated Victorian style houses are located just outside the eclectic village of Puerto Viejo on the east coast of southern Costa Rica.

And yes, nature is present. The Caribbean crystal clear waters give way to remote sand beaches, coconut palm trees and a dramatic blue sky.

This place leaves a permanent impression on one’s mind. You get into the rhythm of the primary rainforest, you grow with the flowers, breathe with the ocean and experience full awareness of life and rejuvenating energy.

Boutique Hotel Aguas Claras - Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

The hotel is made up of 6 bungalows that house different capacities, along with 6 themed suites (Pavlova Sweets), all designed to deliver the Caribbean experience at its very best.

Luxuriously modernized; but keeping its Victorian-Caribbean style, each bungalow is carefully decorated with recycled materials, recreated furniture and found objects.

Hotel Aguas Claras

Along with different contributions of artists friends, each space is designed to awaken the senses of its guests and thus, that the natural beauty that surprises them on the outside, is reflected in every decorative detail inside.

In addition to accommodation that redefines the concept of barefoot luxury, our guests will be able to taste the best of local and international cuisine in our restaurant, enjoy an afternoon of calm in the pool, explore our botanical gardens or completely disconnect in Casa Gandhi, our space for yoga and meditation.

Hotel Aguas Claras Yoga Space

Each house is a unique piece of art, carefully curated by our creative owner. Solar panels and recycled material never looked so luxurious.

Hotel Aguas Claras believes in a true environmental awareness, focus on sustainability and the positive impact of creativity.


Art is central in every corner. They strive to establish a magical mix of Caribbean ethnical culture and local handicraft, with the creative work of artist friends

Boutique Hotel Aguas Claras Rooms:

Hotel Aguas Claras Rooms

Casa Floralia

Hotel Aguas Claras Rooms

Casa Magnolia

Hotel Aguas Claras Rooms

Casa Coral

Hotel Aguas Claras Rooms

Casa Cacao

Hotel Aguas Claras Rooms

Casa Biriba

Hotel Aguas Claras Rooms

Casa Frutepan


Hotel Aguas Claras

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