Shawandha Lodge , Costa Rica

Hotel Shawandha Lodge, for 18 years, offers peaceful and relaxing eco-friendly accommodations in the heart of the South Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.

The hotel is characterized for its tranquility and the hospitality of its people, not to mention the exquisite and unique biodiversity (about 100 species of birds, over 200 types of flora and a gigantic Ceiba or Kapok tree).

Shawandha Lodge is located 200 meters away from the pristine beach of Playa Chiquita, a white sand and clear water beach that can only be access by trails. Playa Chiquita is an active member of the Blue Flag Program, which works towards sustainable development at beaches.

Shawandha Lodge - Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

With fourteen fantastic chalets and six incredible tepees nestled among the tropical forest, two swimming pools (one with waterfalls, located in a lush tropical garden), a groundbreaking restaurant where you can savour delicious Costa Rican dishes right on the beach, our hotel is famed for its peacefulness, its hospitality and its biodiversity.

We take care of every detail to ensure that your stay in Puerto Viejo is a truly unforgettable experience.

Shawandha Lodge Restaurant

The hotel is located in a five-acre stretch of forest, preserving its own wildlife and ecosystems, with one hundred species of birds, more than two hundred types of flora and a gigantic ceiba (or kapok) tree that create a truly privileged environment.

Here you can enjoy once-in-a-lifetime experiences, adventure sports and a whole host of activities focused on discovering and learning about life within the tropical forest, always with a personalized service attending to all your needs and questions.


With 14 tranquil jungle bungalows nestled among the living tropical rainforest, a swimming-pool with waterfalls, beautifully set in a lush tropical garden, and beach environment, Hotel Shawandha Lodge has a “neo-primitive” concept with an artistic combination of noble woods, bamboo and palm, reinforcing the impression of being “at one with nature”.

The lodge sits on a 5 acres tract of secondary forest – preserving it’s own eco-system of wildlife.

Shawandha Lodge Rooms:

Shawandha Lodge Rooms
Shawandha Lodge Rooms
Shawandha Lodge Rooms
Shawandha Lodge Rooms



Shawandha Lodge

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