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Sweeping coastline and inland rainforests, beaches and volcanoes - activities in the Guanacaste Province include surfing, fishing, canopy ziplines, river float trips, and national park tours.


 Palo Verde Wildlife Boat Tour

The Palo Verde National Park is one of the best wildlife and bird watching spots in Costa Rica. This tour includes private transportation, bilingual guide, boat ride, lunch and drinks.

The boat ride at the river gives you the chance to get the closest you can be, to the wild animals on their natural habitat. Iguanas, crocodiles, birds, monkeys and bats, are the most common to watch.

The tour takes 1:30 hrs in the river and after this we go for a taste of a real typical Costa Rican lunch. The pickup time for this tour could be at 7am or 11am.

Included: private transportation, bilingual guide, boat ride, lunch and drinks

What to Bring: camera, insect repellant, sunglasses, sun block, comfortable clothes


 Rincon De La Vieja National Park Hike

This is where you can see the biggest volcanic activity around the active volcano. It’s a circular trail that takes around 2 hours to make the whole loop.

During the hike you are going to be able to check out the mud pots, boiling water pools, geysers, mini volcanoes and one seasonal waterfall depending on the time of the year you come.

Our guide will explain you all about the interesting details of the volcanic activity, and there is also the opportunity to see some wildlife during the hike due to the different ecosystems that are in this national park.

 Barra Honda Caves and Spelunking

Barra Honda National Park is the only one in Guanacaste where you can find underground caves.

It’s a wonderful place where you can feel adventurous and safe. These limestone caves are formed in its interior with stalagmites, stalactites and outstanding rock formations.

The tour begins with a hike from the entrance of the national Park to the main cave named “Terciopelo”. As you walk through the forest, you may be able to spot some wildlife and interesting plants and trees.

At the cave, you will be harnessed for the climb down a 17-meter vertical ladder to the bottom of the first chamber.

Inside the caves you will hear the sound of water dripping into the calcarium type of rock and you will visit two more chambers inside. This tour is not recommended for people who are claustrophobic or afraid of the dark. Minimum age: 10 years old

 Santa Rosa National Park and Liberia City Tour

This park is the most important monument on the protection of our dry forest and freedom after the independence of Costa Rica. “La Casona” where in 1856 the Costa Rican army compound by countrymen beat a group of filibusters that tried to conquer the whole central American territory.

At the same time you have the chance to walk through the dry forest that contains 2% of the worldwide biodiversity. On one of the trails you can see monkeys, birds, deer and many more animals. After the hike we make our way to Liberia City, where you can walk around the center of the city and have a glimpse of what was the white city.

Historically, Liberia has been called "La Ciudad Blanca" because of its white adobe houses, white dirt roads and its people who dressed all in white because of the extreme heat. You have the opportunity for buy some souvenirs in this city as you tour the historic places.


 Surf Lessons at Tamarindo

Today you will enjoy a half day surf lesson at Tamarindo Beach.

You will be met at your hotel by your local surf instructor guide. The guide will take you to where the best surf breaks are located, which depending on tides and weather can be at different points along the beach.

After on-sand instructions, you will hit the water to tackle the waves with the objective of standing up on your surf board successfully to ride the waves.

 Catamaran Sunset Tour

Silently glide along Costa Rica's Gold Coast while passing some of Guanacaste's exotic bays, white sand beaches and tropical jungles.

Gaze off the bow with a cold tropical drink prepared and served by our crew as you scan the seas for dolphins, sea turtles, flying fish or even a breaching whale. Stop in a tranquil bay, drop anchor and frolic in the blue Pacific. Snorkel in the bay (equipment provided) or run down the deserted white sand beach while the ever helpful crew prepares a feast of chicken or pasta salad, fruit, chips, pico de gallo, guacamole and homemade chocolate chip cookies.

The Sailing Catamaran will set sail and you will hear the waves slide along the giant catamaran as the sun sets illuminating the clouds left in the sky.

 Full Day Adventure Hacienda Guachipelin

At Hacienda Guachipelin, near Rincon de la Vieja National Park, start with a canyon canopy tour which is a combination of zip lines, rappelling down a canyon, rock climbing, Tarzan swing and hanging bridges.

Take a leisurely horseback ride through dry forest and pasture land to start the river tubing adventure down the white waters of Río Negro. Lastly, take pleasure in the healing properties of volcanic mud baths and thermal hot springs.

For those less adventurous, enjoy the One Day Nature Pass which includes a nature hike, visits to the serpetarium, butterfly garden, volcanic mud baths and thermal springs.


 Arenal Volcano One Day Tour

Your vacation in Costa Rica will not be completed without visiting the Arenal area with its active volcano and its Humid Forest.

The best way to experience Arenal Volcano National Park will be taking the hike to the first lava flow (1968), followed by a delicious lunch at the hot springs restaurant.

There will be time to relax your mind and body as you enjoy the therapeutic volcanic hot springs, surrounded by mother nature, rainforest, volcano and the pools, waterfalls and wet bars.

On the way back to Guanacaste dinner will be served at a local restaurant in Tilarán Town. Hot Springs choices: Baldi, Ecotermales, Paradise, The Springs, Titoku and Tabacón (different rates). Duration: Full day

 Rio Celeste Guided Rainforest Hike

A legend tells that after God was done painting the sky, he washed the brushes in the river that now known as the Rio Celeste (Light Blue River).

Once inside the park we start the hike through Primary Humid Forest.  Several fauna species and exuberant flora are easily found in this ecosystem.

During the walk we visit a magnificent waterfall, the place where the river dies with the light blue coloration, and hot springs (swimming in dry season only). This tour is recommended for hikers or anyone that loves natural outdoor adventures. Duration: Full day

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 Monteverde Cloud Forest Experience

After driving through the wide open and semi-dry scenery of the Pacific lowlands the green and hilly views will start getting your attention.

This means we are getting close to the clouds forest of Monteverde, where Selvatura Private Reserve is situated.

Here we have the option of either gliding throughout the cloud forest on a Canopy Tour or something less exciting but educational such as walking the trail that is connected with 8 Hanging Bridges above the tree canopy.

Then you choose between the insect or reptile exhibition and the Hummingbird Gallery. Duration: Full Day


 Safari Float Tour on Corobicí River

Floating for 2 hours on a boat down the Corobicí or Tenorio Rivers (depending on water level) you will immerse yourself into a especial ecosystem - The Dry Gallery Forest - with gigantic kapoks and fig trees, many species of animal such as monkeys, birds, iguanas, crocodiles along the river shore and in the treetops. 

Relaxing tranquility plus a little bit of adventure as you pass along Class 1 or 2 rapids. A perfect way to enjoy your vacation days in Guanacaste. Duration: Full day

 Zipline Canopy Tour

What better way to enjoy the Tropical Dry Forest that gliding through it, feeling as the birds do while they fly over these beautiful environment, or as the monkeys do when they swing from the tree branches.

Glide through the forest from platform to platform as you enjoy a different perspective of the forest. Adrenaline is also included. Duration: Half Day

 Horseback Riding

For a unique experience through the typical forest of Guanacaste lands, our tame horses are always ready to start this journey with us.

A variety of forest and mountains trails, beaches, mountain hills, will take you to a real natural adventure. The horseback riding takes approximately 2 hours with an preliminary briefing on proper and safe riding. Our horses are gentle and the horseback riding is very safe, we go at your speed and we work with the best equipment available.

 Tamarindo Mangrove and Estuary Tour on Kayaks

Either single or double sit-on-top ocean kayaks will introduce us to this nature lover’s paradise.

A great quantity of fauna species and a very special flora characteristic of this ecosystem, the mangrove. Using paddles, not motors, will give us the chance to observe the animals but not disturbing them, allowing us to have better pictures or if we have no camera to obtain better memories.

After paddling for one hour, some fresh fruits will give us energy and hydration to continue enjoying this beautiful natural environment that is now considered as an international importance wet land (Ramsar site) in action. Duration: 3 hours, approx.


 Tenorio River White Water Rafting (Class 3 and 4)

A beautiful river that rises at Tenorio Volcano at Guanacaste mountain range, it’s pure and white water makes it the best river on Guanacaste area for rafting. You can combine almost 20 kilometers of rapids with magnificent landscapes surrounded by tropical forest.

No experience required but good effort needed it on this world famous class III and IV white water rafting. This challenging river will take the energy out of you, that's why we will have a very complete and delicious lunch.

Our staff will make you feel confident and our modern and certified equipment will let you mount the rapids smoothly. Children must be over 12 years old. Duration: Full Day.

 Río Perdido Adventure Retreat

We will begin with a scenic hike on one of the main trails, guided by one of our guides.

As part of the hike, visitors will have the opportunity to swim in different parts on the crystal-clear river. At river´s edge multiple springs convert a cool stream into the soothing thermal river, with temperatures ranging from 90 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit. After a visit to the springs, an authentic culinary experience awaits you at the restaurant.

You will find thermal pools with a private swim-up bar, hanging bridge, a panoramic view of the dry-forest and volcanic range. This area is covered in gigantic tombstone-like volcanic rocks that tell of a cataclysmic eruption that occurred thousands of years ago, a scene unlike anything you will see elsewhere in Costa Rica or anywhere else in the world. Under the guidance of renowned adventure designers, we have created a sequence that will please and surprise.

Our inspiring Rio Blanco canyon is the main stage for the awesome cable-based adventure, which includes: 15 platforms: 6 of them are rock-based, 9 are suspended on the canyon walls, A pendulum cable, A 50-foot “Tarzan swing”, A 90-foot challenge bridge, 4 via ferratas* with lengths varying from 15 to over 30 feet, 5 zip lines with lengths varying from 260 to over 800 feet, water station in the middle of the circuit. Duration: Full Day.

 Sensoria: Land Of Senses!

We look forward to a refreshing fruit juice specially made to give you the welcome to our treasured forest!

You will be surprised by the difference of the scenario: suddenly you will find yourself in a tall, lush green forest when minutes before we were driving for what seemed like endless dry plains of Guanacaste region.

After drinking your tropical juice and changing to more comfortable clothes, we will take you to visit the charming jungle trail called Sensoria. Get ready for a spectacle of Blue Springs, delicious thermal pools, energetic waterfalls and a chance to see some of the famous wild creatures of Costa Rica, this naturally protected wildlife sanctuary at the foot of the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano.

After an inspirational 3-4 hour hike through the rainforest, learning about its mysteries and its fascinating inhabitants, relax in a natural pool of warm volcanic water. Be careful, you may want to stay forever! Duration: Full day

 Miravalles Volcano Combo Tour

We drive for about one hour through the Guanacaste mountain range and majestic views of the Miravalles Volcano.

This colossus is one of the most active volcanoes in Costa Rica; its main activity is compound of gas emanations and geysers which are used by the government in a geothermal project to produce electricity.

We continue our trip with a visit to "Las Hornillas", a place situated at the foot of the volcano, where we can find some geysers all over the project.

At this place we will be able to horseback ride or to be carried by a horse-drawn carriage, to get to the forest and hike thru it for about 40 minutes to observe several waterfalls and some animals and plants.

To relax after the hike we can get covered by volcanic mud and enjoy the natural hot springs that emerges from the volcano getting a beauty treatment from Mother Nature. We finish our trip with a delicious lunch. 

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