Hotel Nantipa , Costa Rica

Nantipa Hotel is located in the heart of Santa Teresa, a Costa Rican authentic beach town with its own unique culture and style.

Many define Santa Teresa as the new home for barefoot luxury, combining World Class surfing conditions, great yoga studios and instructors, superb cuisine and great nature and parks, all in a relaxed atmosphere that depicts Costa Rica’s Pura Vida lifestyle.

Nantipa is a word in the Chorotega language that means blue.The Chorotegans were the native tribe that inhabited the Nicoya Peninsula at the time Columbus and the Spaniards arrived in Costa Rica in the early 1500s.

Hotel Nantipa - Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Hotel Nantipa combines a series of distinct features that makes the hotel unique in Costa Rica. Nantipa is the only boutique, luxury beachfront hotel, with independent bungalows and direct access to a vibrant surfer beach town with a plethora of options for dining out, shopping and nightlife.

Nantipa's mission is to combine world class design with authentic Costa Rican hospitality right on one of the country’s top beaches. The vibrant and unique natural setting and the barefoot luxury feel of Santa Teresa provide the perfect setting to deliver unique and memorable experiences.

Hotel Nantipa Costa Rica

Nantipa’s Restaurant is located on the beach, with direct views of the ocean and sunset. The main dining area features 15 tables that easily accommodate 50 guests, in a very cozy, inviting and relaxed ambiance.

Mixologists have prepared creative and unique cocktails featuring Costa Rica’s tropical fruits and local liqueurs, inviting visitors to mingle, unwind and enjoy the natural beauty.


Nantipa offers 15 guest bungalows scattered in a 2.3 hectare property with 155 meters of beachfront. Most rooms feature full or partial ocean views, along with garden and pool views. Every unit has climate controls, cable TV with flat screens, working desk, small dining tables, hammocks, WiFi, and minibar.

Hotel Nantipa Rooms:

Hotel Nantipa Rooms
Hotel Nantipa Rooms
Hotel Nantipa Rooms
Hotel Nantipa Rooms

Hotel Nantipa

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