Kasiiya Papagayo , Costa Rica

Kasiiya exists amongst the wildlife of the Gulf of Papagayo in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

Kasiiya Papagayo's tented suites each claim unique positions within the landscape to deliver an entirely individual experience to our guests.

Experience the whole property with its five beautiful air-conditioned tented suites designed by world-renowned architects AW2. Meticulously positioned amidst our 123 acres of wild landscape, each suite places you in touch with nature to create treasured pause, breathe, discover moments.

Kasiiya Papagayo - Papagayo, Costa Rica

Kasiiya is not a hotel. Kasiiya is part of nature. Built on timber platforms from natural materials, it leaves no scar on its landscape.

Reconnect with nature and each other. Each Kasiiya tent is accessed from a private path, and is carefully orientated for you to reconnect with nature alone. There is also plenty of space for you to make new friends and spend time with your loved ones, whenever you choose.

Developed by Bruno and his master Sreeni, the yoga program is fully inspired by nature at Kasiiya. It focuses as much on the posture as on the transition between postures.

Kasiiya Papagayo Yoga

Take comfort in the wild. There is the perfect balance between comfort and wilderness at Kasiiya. Every tent has been designed to strengthen your bond with nature and enhance your wellbeing.

Prioritize the forest. From the very beginning, the conservation of the tropical forest has been paramount. Our intention throughout the project is not to have minimal impact on the environment, but zero.


Wake up and throw your doors open to the song of the magpie-jay. Watch the sun sink on the horizon as you relax on your deck at the end of the day. Close your doors and windows, adjust your air conditioning and slip into luxurious linen at night. Our five new tented suites, thoughtfully located across 123 acres of wilderness, offer unparalleled comfort, privacy and security.

Kasiiya Papagayo Tented Suites:

Kasiiya Papagayo Rooms
Kasiiya Papagayo Rooms
Kasiiya Papagayo Rooms
  • Kasiiya Papagayo Experiences:
  • Kasiiya Papagayo Costa Rica Experiences

  • Kayaking
    Take a kayaking trip to visit the property’s beaches starting from Laguna Beach to Portuguese Beach. Enjoy the view of the National Park Santa Rosa or the Tenorio Volcano as your gliding through the coastal rocks. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough and see a Spotted Eagle Ray jumping alongside.

  • Paddle boarding
    Whether it be around to Portuguese Beach or to Punta Gorda, one of the best diving and snorkeling spots in the area, hit the water with our paddle boards and cruise alongside a variety of sea life. Don’t forget the sunscreen and hat.

  • Diving
    If you are looking for a little more adventure than gazing at marine life from the ocean top, we can arrange diving experiences for you through our Guest Service Specialist. Whether your PADI certified or not, you can enjoy a diving experience around the Papagayo Gulf.

  • Snorkeling
    Punta Gorda is one of the best snorkeling and dive areas around and it is right in front of the Beach Cabana. Come into the Adventure Room and gear up with a pair of goggles and fins and brace yourself for the underwater paradise you will encounter. Green sea turtles, Spotted Eagle ray, and a wide array of fish, you will not want to go back inland.

  • Fishing Trips
    Teach a man how to fish? Maybe it’s time you enjoy your own catch of the day! We can arrange a fishing trip for half or a full day, and if the catch is good, our chef would be happy to prepare it for you.

  • Hiking
    123 acres of land is a lot of jungle to explore. Join our onsite guide on different walks throughout the property and enjoy the beauty and uniqueness inside of Kasiiya. Go from the top of the Sunset Lounge to Laguna or Portuguese Beach to the heart of the jungle and enjoy the sounds of wildlife that surround you.

  • Fish on the Rocks
    Doilin will tell you all his secret spots on the rocks from where to catch a fish - pescando en las rocas.

  • Wildlife
    From beautiful birds like the Turquoise Mot-Mot to the howling of the Howler monkeys, wildlife surrounds you as soon as you enter the Kasiiya property. Get your trekking boots and sunscreen on and take a walk with our onsite guide throughout our jungle. Witness the magic of the flora and fauna that surrounds us every day.

  • Culinary classes
    Enjoy a cooking class with our chef and learn how to make that Kasiiya dish you fell in love with. When you’re back home, delight your guests or family with that Kasiiya culinary experience.

  • Beach
    Everyday is a beach day at Kasiiya Papagayo. Whether you’re visiting Laguna Beach in front of the Beach Cabana or our almost virgin Portuguese Beach, you can definitely spend the whole day soaking up sun rays and cooling off in the clear ocean water. We have sun chairs available at Laguna beach and can also set up a picnic at Portuguese Beach. Maybe its time to go beach hoping inside Kasiiya.

  • Movements / Yoga
    Trade in your weights and treadmills for a session with our Movement Specialist, Bruno in our Jungle Gym. Looking over phones, computers and sitting in offices have removed us from our natural movements. Through our Movement Sessions you will reconnect with nature through our most important tool, our body. Practice the Monkey or Crab walk or challenge your body to the Lizard Crawl, but most importantly find that connection within to what surrounds you.

  • Surfing
    If surfing is on your to-do list when visiting Kasiiya, we can arrange a visit to Tamarindo, one of the best surf breaks around. Just a short 1 hour drive to and from, you can enjoy the waves and beach town around. Boat trips can also be arranged to visit Witch’s Rock and Ollies Point, time to live the Endless Summer.

  • Wellness and Spa
    Indulge in our unique Kasiiya Wellness treatments. Yamuna, our healer, caters to each guests needs and provides a treatment that heals both body and soul. With essential oils made specifically for Kasiiya and its dry and wet seasons, you will feel a revitalization of energy necessary to continue your journey through Kasiiya.


Kasiiya Papagayo

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