Lagarta Lodge , Costa Rica

The Lagarta Lodge in Nosara, Costa Rica is unique – its location, its services, and its philosophy.

Beautifully situated, with two rivers, expansive sandy beaches, and woods along the Pacific shores of Costa Rica.

The eco-lodge maintains its own, private nature reserve with magnificent mangrove trees. You will have the perfect vacation experience in the naturally elegant ambiance where sustainability and social responsibility are central Lagarta Lodge's concept.

Lagarta Lodge - Nosara, Costa Rica

Lagarta Lodge is the perfect starting point for nature excursions. As a guest, you have free access to the hotel-owned nature reserve Reserva biológica with its rich flora and fauna.

They provide you with a map to guide you through the well-marked paths of the tropical dry forest.

Lagarta Lodge Costa Rica Jacuzzi

Lagarta Lodge offers you a number of delicious opportunities to get to know the tastes of Costa Rica: drinks, “bocas” (snacks), and meals – carefully prepared and served in front of the spectacular panorama.

In the lounge, the restaurant Chirriboca and the Sunset Bar, they serve only the very best quality – generally organically grown local products. You can try a Costa Rican specialty or a dish from the international kitchen – complete with your choice of wine from the select wine cellar.

Lagarta Lodge Costa Rica Dining

A color scheme in harmony with the natural environment, elegant teak furniture, abstract art and nature-inspired art combined with sustainability and love of the outdoors: these are the features of the 26 Junior Suites.

The baths of the Panorama and the Jungle Suites differ in interior design, but nearly all offer a spectacular view of the surrounding landscape.


To underline the elegance and natural flair in the rooms, they chose not to include television sets. All Junior Suites have air-conditioning and fans. Choose from three room categories.

The Jungle Suites offer an idyllic view of unspoiled nature. The Panorama Suites open up to a spectacular ocean vista and partially an additional river view. the exclusive and elegant Flor Blanca Suites present a breath-taking outlook onto the lush surroundings and the ocean.

Lagarta Lodge Rooms:

Lagarta Lodge Rooms

Jungle Suites

Lagarta Lodge Rooms

Panorama Suites

Lagarta Lodge Rooms

Flor Blanca Suites

  • Lagarta Lodge Excursions and Activities:
  • Lagarta Lodge Costa Rica Activities

  • Lagarta Lodge offers yoga courses and is the perfect starting point for excursions to the neighboring, hotel-owned nature reserve Reserva Biológica. Contracted partners offer tours in electric boats, kayaks, and on horses. Nearby you find marvelous beaches. Surfers will find ideal conditions at the Playa Guiones, and adventure is guaranteed at the spectacular Canopy rope course. Finally, guests can attend language courses at a local school.

  • Nature Reserve Reserva Biológica
    Lagarta Lodge is the perfect starting point for nature excursions. As our guest, you have free access to the hotel-owned nature reserve Reserva biológica with its rich flora and fauna.

  • Boat Tours
    Glide along Rio Nosara and Rio Montaña, where the local guide will show you the fascinating mangrove forests and the animals native to the region. The soundless electric boat ensures that you will sight the many native birds on the shores. If you’re lucky, you may even see a crocodile!

  • Kayaks
    You can paddle your kayak down the Rio Nosara or the Rio Montaña – the rivers flowing through the primeval forest.

  • Ostional Turtle Tour
    Ostional’s beach – about a 25-minute drive from Nosara – is the world’s second-largest nesting ground for the olive ridley sea turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea). The mass arrival of turtles is called “arribadas.” Depending on the season (mainly from July to December), innumerable olive-colored turtles arrive on the beach. The Asociación de Guias Locales de Ostional (AGLO) offers guided tours (Spanish and English).

  • Surfing
    The beach at Playa Guiones is one of the world’s best surfing destinations. The waves of the Pacific make surfer’s hearts swell, and it offers ideal conditions to ride your own wave.

  • Visit Beautiful Beaches
    Car rental services can be arranged for your visit to any of the beautiful beaches around Nosara, for example to San Juanillo or Playa Garza.

  • Canopy
    One of the world’s largest zip line parks, Canopy promises visitors exciting adventures. The park in Nosara has over twenty-one activities and an overall length of eleven kilometers. Float high above the valleys and treetops!

  • Biking
    We will take advantage of the region´s rural roads and trails making a trip with the world´s most healthy, fun and sustainable transportation system.

  • Hiking
    Make your way through the seemingly endless and always spectacular sandy beaches. On hiking trails discover the region.

  • Beach Sports
    Whether soccer or another sport – the beach is the right place to romp about.

  • Language Courses
    Visitors who want to learn Spanish during their vacation in Costa Rica will find a small, charming language school in Nosara.


Lagarta Lodge

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