Rio Perdido , Costa Rica

Spectacular sights and inspiring activities are all just steps from your forest bungalow

"We aim to bring you a unique experience in undisturbed nature and - at the same time - provide the perfect environment for you to feel what it means to truly rest."



While the feel of each bungalow is distinct, all of them offer the same features and amenities. The 36m2 (400sq ft.) consist of a cozy but very comfortable bedroom + bathroom and an elevated terrace. The rooms have two twin beds on industrial rollers. This design allows them to be brought together so as to form a king-sized bed. One of these beds also has a trundle underneath. The bungalows can accommodate couples, solo travelers, and parents with one child.

Rooms for the handicapped

The project has two bungalows that meet the highest standards for use by the physically disabled. These units fulfill the requirements set forth by Costa Rican law 7600 (equal opportunities for people with disabilities) and they also meet US hospitality standards. The rooms do not feel very different than the rest. There are metal bars that are installed adjacent to the toilet and inside the shower. Also the toilet, the sink, and certain other elements have been installed at the optimal height to be accessed by a person in a wheelchair.

Doorways have a minimum opening of 1m (3.3ft) and circulation areas allow for a 1.5m (5ft) minimum radius. Access to the elevated bungalows is carried out via an elevated pathway with a very light gradient, insuring safe ascents and descents.

Lighting is designed to be perceived optimally in every corner of the room, as it is in the outdoor, circulation area, among the bungalows. Emergency lighting has also been elaborated under international standards.

Environmental Commitment

A couple of years ago, when we commenced our construction planning and set out to convert several kilometers of rough trail into a smooth and safe gravel road, our engineer’s initial report called for the cutting of over 300 trees. Through a bit of compromise and successful reengineering, we reduced this number to less than 40 small trees. Simultaneously, with the guidance of ecologists and forestry engineers, we began with the planting of diverse native species that have successfully rooted. Overall, thousands of trees have been planted, thus far. Satellite imagery clearly reveal the great success of our reforestation efforts.


Rio Perdido

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