Makanda by the Sea , Costa Rica

Makanda By the Sea is an adults only hotel that provides fully equipped villas and studios carefully placed in rainforest gardens, 100 meters above the ocean.

From this vantage point, you will enjoy breathtaking sunset views of the sixty mile coastline and a diverse host of the plant and animal wildlife of Costa Rica's southern Pacific coast.

Located on the map between Biesanz Beach and famous Manuel Antonio Park, a wide variety of tours, attractions and beaches are all close by. Boutique Hotel Makanda is a jewel of Manuel Antonio with 2 amazing infinity swimming pools with huge Jacuzzi, high-end restaurant with international Cuisine and open bars, private beach and spa.


The Shanti Spa interior is made of only natural materials: ocean stones, natural wood, bamboo, shells - everything that helps you to relax and feel a connection with nature. The spa area includes a big ocean-view terrace for private yoga lessons, an outside relaxing zone with beach beds and massage spot, a comfort zone with a big jacuzzi and exclusive natural wood steaming room.

Makanda by the Sea

Makanda by the Sea's restaurant concept is based on the use of seasonal products from Central Pacific farmers & fishermen and modern culinary techniques. The restaurant offers dishes in which rethought traditional recipes and familiar tastes are presented in creative textures, forms and combinations.

Selected Rooms:

Makanda by the Sea Rooms

Deluxe Ocean Club Suite

Makanda by the Sea Rooms

Pacific Jacuzzi Suite #4

Makanda by the Sea Rooms

Studio #2

Makanda by the Sea Rooms

Deluxe Studio #11

Makanda by the Sea Rooms

Honeymoon Suite with Private Pool

Makanda by the Sea Rooms

Luxury Villa #9



Makanda by the Sea

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