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Tours and activities in Monteverde include private reserve tours, the Monteverde Hanging Bridges, the Monteverde Sky Tram & Sky Trek.


 The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

This is one of the most famous, diverse, and rich cloud forests in the world. The reserve is 26,000 acres and is an important link in the growing network of private protected areas in Costa Rica. The remarkable reserve forest is characterized by trees densely covered from top to bottom with moist “carpets” of epiphytes including mosses, bromeliads, ferns, and orchids. This cloud forest habitat is a seasonal home of the crimson and iridescent Resplendent Quetzal, as well as many resident endemic mountain birds. Duration: half- or full-day.

 Ecological Sanctuary Tour

This old secondary forest-farm is located on the edge of the Monteverde plateau, below the Cloud Forest Reserve and has become a great spotting place for a variety of birds and some large mammals. The vegetation is less dense than surrounding areas, and you have an excellent chance of seeing coatimundis, sloths, agoutis, porcupines, and white-faced monkeys, as well as butterflies and birds. Four signed trails lead through the 17-hectare property. Duration: half day.


 Monteverde Hanging Bridges

Several hanging bridges in Monteverde give visitors the opportunity to observe the epiphytic world ranging from the ground level to the top of the trees. Walk the trails where you will see graceful palms and many varieties of heliconias, flowering ginger, and possibly howling monkeys, colorful cloud-forest birds, and butterflies. Here you will find it easy and interesting to learn about the complexity and beauty of the cloud-forest. Duration: half day.


 Monteverde Skytram and Skytrek

This tour offers adventure, zip lines, bird watching & hiking. The Sky Tram is a 20-minute aerial tram (Gondola) tour through the rain forest to an observation deck where you will have spectacular views of the Golfo de Nicoya, the Arenal Volcano, and the Tilaran mountain range. SKY TREK is a secure system of trails and zip lines in the Monteverde Cloud Forest.

It gives visitors the opportunity to observe and appreciate nature from different vantage points. Sky Trek is similar to other canopy tours in Costa Rica, but incorporates some significant differences that increase its magnitude and safety precautions. Sky Trek includes 4544 feet of trails, eleven transversal cables from 131 feet to 2525 feet long, and two observatory towers for a panoramic view (360º) of the Guanacaste, San Carlos, and the Puntarenas lowlands. Duration: half-day.


 Santa Elena Reserve Tour

The Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve comprises an area of 765 acres that is grouped with the Children's Eternal Rainforest, the Arenal Conservation Area, and the Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve to create a conservation area of approximately 69,000 acres. Plans are underway to raise funds to buy and restore adjacent farmlands for future inclusion into the Santa Elena Reserve.

Conservation efforts in the area are concentrated on establishing forest corridors radiating from the central conservation area down to lower altitudes because many of the forest fauna require large territories in which to forage and breed. These animals include the Resplendent Quetzal, American Pumas, Jaguars, Ocelots, and Red Brocket Deer. Duration: half day. Duration: half-day.

 The Butterfly Garden

This garden is a section of forest located at a lower altitude than the Monteverde Reserve that has been covered with a fine screen. Here, you can see all the different butterfly species that inhabit the zone, including the beautiful Blue Morpho. Guides will give visitors a fascinating explanation of the habits and life cycle of each species, with ample botanical information as well. Duration: 2 hours.

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 Frogs, Snakes and Bats Tour

Visit the different indoor animal attractions in Monteverde area with your guide. These three new tours focus on the life history of local frogs, snakes, and bats in the area. It is very interesting for children and nature lovers. A part of the proceeds is dedicated to research and conservation efforts. Duration: 2 hours.

 Trapiche Tour

During this guided tour, visitors will learn about the natural history of sugar cane and the process of converting the plant into sugar molasses or “tapa de dulce.” The visitors will also see coffee, banana, and plantain fields among other crops. A walk through the forest preserve occasionally provides wildlife sightings such as sloths, porcupines, tarantulas, and many tropical cloud forest birds. Duration: 3 hours.


 Estrella Farm

This is a lovely way to see the Monteverde-Los Llanos area with a local guide. Here, you can take in astonishing views of the Gulf of Nicoya, many waterfalls, and the valley of San Luis. Duration: half day.

 Cheese Factory

Meet your guide at the Monteverde Cheese Factory for an up close look at the cheese-making process, a tasty cheese sampling, a slide show presentation, and some history of the Quaker community of Monteverde. Duration: 2 hours.

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 Quaker Lectures

Local Quakers enjoy providing visitors with very interesting and informational talks about the local history of Monteverde and all of the pioneer efforts of this unique community in Costa Rica. Duration: 1-2 hours.

 ATV Tour

This exciting tour rides through local farms and dirt roads and has unique vistas of the Pacific Ocean. Duration: half day.

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Monteverde Tours & Excursions

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