Hotel Senda Monteverde , Costa Rica

Senda Monteverde is located in the beautiful town of Monteverde in Costa Rica.

The hotel offers 28 guest rooms and suites with open-air porches overlooking the lush gardens or ocean.

Guests can explore the mystical Cloud Forest, learn about the local Quaker culture as well as walk through the area‘s famous Farmer‘s Market. The hotel also offers luxury amenities, gorgeous local artworks and playful nooks to relax in.

Take a walk in the clouds. Stand on the Continental Divide where the Caribbean and Pacific sides meet. Senda is the perfect base to explore the mystical Cloud Forest with expert guides.

Senda Monteverde Hotel - Monteverde, Costa Rica

Try Monteverde‘s cheeses. Learn about the local Quaker culture. Stroll through the area‘s famous Farmer‘s Market. The farm-to-table movement is strong here — so expect fresh, local meals, gatherings and great conversation. Senda is a natural extension of the warmth and spirit of mountain life.

You’ll find all the best essentials you’d expect from a five star mountain lodge. Enjoy easy access to every Monteverde adventure you can think of, including unlimited complimentary hiking access to the neighboring Aguti Wildlife Reserve.

Monteverde Cloud Forest

The hotel is hidden and private but within walking distance to Monteverde town and a private cloud forest reserve.

At Senda Monteverde, adventure calls beyond the clouds. Just minutes from the hotel, you’ll find misty, magical ecosystems to explore, and a charming town with a curious story to tell. Up here in Costa Rica’s lush highlands, we’ll help you discover your adventurous spirit and set the scene for some well-deserved chill time. A sophisticated mountain retreat experience with no compromises on comfort awaits.


At the Senda Monteverde restaurant, flavor comes naturally. We’re all about high quality, hyper-local and honest cuisine, creatively prepared and served in a stylish setting. Our modern Costa Rican dishes mix organic ingredients with innovative flavors, infusing a memorable sense of place into every bite.

The food is wholesome and healthy, with a few hedonistic treats of the most delicious kind – think panko-fried jalapeños, creamy Monteverde cheeses, and a fine selection of South American wines to be enjoyed by the fire.

Senda Monteverde Dining

Designed with sophisticated adventurers in mind, Senda is the perfect boutique base to soak up Monteverde charm. With just 24 Suites and Rooms, you’ll find your creature comforts and a sense of calm high in the hills. And with inspiring views across the rolling mountains, staying in can be just as memorable as venturing out.

All suites and rooms are dotted across the property, in contemporary mountain bungalows. Some on hilltops with incredible views all the way to the Pacific, and others with amazing windows into the cloud forests.

Senda Monteverde Rooms:

Senda Monteverde Rooms
Senda Monteverde Rooms
Senda Monteverde Rooms
Senda Monteverde Rooms
  • Senda Monteverde Activities:
  • Senda Monteverde Activities

  • Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve
    Located just minutes from Senda, the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve protects 26,000 acres of rare cloud forest and houses eight different biological zones, making it a true paradise for nature lovers.

    Shrouded in a constant cloud-like mist, the Reserve shelters an astounding variety of flora and fauna, including some 500 bird species, pumas, monkeys, endangered jaguars, endemic amphibians and even more plant life. Explore the trails by foot with an expert guide who’ll help you discover the rich biodiversity of this ecosystem.

    With some luck you’ll spot everything from resplendent quetzals and toucanets to playful coatimundis.

  • Sky Tram
    The Monteverde Sky Tram is perfect for those who wish to spend more time admiring the cloud forest and less time hiking. Something of an open-air gondola, the Sky Tram brings you up the mountain along the Continental Divide on a relaxing and scenic 1-hour ride over the treetops.

    Along the way, you’ll learn about the intricacies of this unique ecosystem, stopping at intervals to observe the natural wonders either side.

  • Sky Walk
    Explore the treetops of the enigmatic cloud forest with or without a guide as you navigate a series of 6 suspension bridges and trails that comprise the Monteverde Sky Walk. Spanning deep canyons and extending for slightly over 1.5 miles, the Sky Walk brings you up close to an unexplored area of the forest.

    With approximately 90 percent of all cloud forest organisms found in the canopy, keep your binoculars close for a chance to see an abundance of wildlife, from sleepy two-toed sloths to the iconic resplendent quetzal.

  • Sky Trek
    Looking for a dose of cloud forest adrenaline? You’ll find it at the Sky Trek zip line. This thrilling circuit comprised of 8 zip line cables extends across almost 1.8 miles and ranges in height from 49 to 328ft.

    Crossing canyons and zipping in between treetops, if you can keep your eyes open you’ll enjoy spectacular views. If not, you can soak them up from two observation towers – on a clear day you can see the Pacific Ocean and the northern lowlands that stretch all the way to the Caribbean.

  • Canyoning
    Take a short hike through the forest to the top of a canyon where you’ll receive thorough safety instructions before starting your adventure.

    When you reach the first waterfall, you’ll be taught the fundamentals of rappelling and fully kitted up. Then you’re on your way – with 6 waterfalls in total, the largest of which stands at an impressive 131ft, you’ll be in for an exhilarating cloud forest experience.

  • Aguti Wildlife Reserve
    A newer option in Monteverde, this private wildlife reserve within walking distance of Senda has an excellent network of trails and viewing platforms which look out across the Gulf of Nicoya.

    A project set up to focus on ecosystem conservation and the study of local and migratory species, Aguti is a quieter alternative to the popular Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, while still sheltering an impressive variety of wildlife.

    It’s not uncommon to see everything from sloths, howler monkeys and porcupines, to some of Monteverde’s most beautiful birds such as the yellow-throated toucan, the bellbird and the resplendent quetzal. Alternatively, visit after dark for a chance to see Costa Rica’s most iconic red-eyed tree frog amongst other creatures of the night.

  • Birdwatching
    Monteverde is a birder’s paradise. With various loca- tions to see the hundreds of bird species that call this re- gion home, opportunities to spot even the most elusive among them abound.

    Head to the neighboring Aguti Wildlife Refuge bright and early, or to Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve to see tropical avian species such as hummingbirds, the resplendent quetzal and the endan- gered three-wattled bellbird. Try the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve for others like the collared trogon.

    The Curi-Cancha Reserve is also a birding hotspot, housing species such as the keel-billed toucan, the blue-throated goldentail and the orange-bellied trogon.

  • Don Juan Coffee, Chocolate & Sugar Cane Tour
    Costa Rica is famous for its coffee, and here in Monteverde we produce some of the country’s finest. On this tour, you’ll learn all about our coffee history and how we turn bean into cup.

    If you visit during picking season (Nov-Feb), you’ll even be able to help with the harvest. After enjoying a nice strong brew and a traditional ox cart ride, you’ll also visit a chocolate processing center where you can try your hand at roasting and grinding the cacao beans.

    Finish off with a traditional sugar cane masterclass and a nice sweet glass of pure juice.

  • Monteverde Orchid Garden
    With 120 species in bloom, the Monteverde Orchid Garden is home to over a quarter of the world’s orchid species. On a tour of the garden, you’ll learn about the most unusual facets of miniature and micro species as well as larger blooms and hybrids.

    You’ll smell them and explore the interesting role these flowers play in their ecosystems. Beautiful they certainly are, but smart too – you might be surprised to find that these intricate little things have developed plenty of curious tricks to survive in the wild.


Senda Monteverde

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