Macaw Lodge , Costa Rica

Open since 2011, Macaw Lodge is a working, growing and evolving center for eco-tourism, research and conservation. Today, people from around the world come to Macaw Lodge to discover the natural wonders of Costa Rica.

Resting among the hills and lush forests of Cerros de Turrubares in the Central Pacific region of Costa Rica, Macaw Lodge is more than an eco-resort. It’s a paradise where you can indulge your passions while discovering the genuine natural wonders of Costa Rica.

Everywhere you look or venture, there’s something amazing to see and experience. Around the Lodge is a tropical botanical garden where there are more than 500 species from around the world including ornamental, medical and agricultural plants.

Macaw Lodge - Carara, Costa Rica

The 264-acre property features eight acres of cultivated paths where you can wander through the giant black bamboo forest, hike to the waterfall and take a refreshing dip, enjoy a rest in the gazebo overlooking the pond or find solace in the palm forest.

Stop for rejuvenating exercise in one of two open-air yoga studios, explore the fruit and cocoa orchard or take a guided tour of our sustainable farming operation and learn more about hydroponics, aquaponics, vermiculture and composting.

Macaw Lodge Yoga

The Lodge, cabins and other buildings are crafted of reclaimed or sustainably grown materials from our 264-acre oasis and surrounding communities. With accommodations for up to 24 guests, you’re assured a highly personalized experience.

Macaw Lodge is completely off-the-grid solar power is used to generate electricity and heat water. Macaw Lodge was created as a model of sustainability where lovers of nature can experience both comfort and harmony with the environment.

Macaw Lodge Dining

Macaw Lodge is situated in a remote natural oasis. There are no restaurants or shopping in the area. Fortunately, the cuisine, prepared by a local chef and her team, is plentiful, delicious and nutritious.

We incorporate vegetables, lettuces, herbs and fruits from our gardens along with homemade breads and tortillas, jams and salsas, and fresh meats, eggs and other foods from Costa Rica.


The spacious, open ground floor of the Lodge is home to the restaurant, lounging area, Internet access, electronics charging center, lending library and bathrooms. It affords amazing views of surrounding ponds, gardens, forests and wildlife.

Macaw Lodge Rooms:

The Lodge’s second story, with dramatic balcony overlooking the beautiful lobby below, has eight guest rooms. Each room features two full beds with therapeutic mattresses and bedspreads woven by the Maya of the Guatemalan Atitlan area, a ceiling fan and a private bathroom built from marble extracted and processed locally, solar-heated water, and towels and bed sheets made from bamboo fiber. The screened windows can be opened to welcome the refreshing breeze.

The well-appointed private cabins have a double bed and accommodate two people. Each has a private bathroom, ceiling fan, the windows have screens so they can be open to welcome the refreshing breeze and a deck with rocking chairs.

The largest cabin has two double beds to accommodate up to four people, a spacious private bathroom, screened windows and a ceiling fan. The fully-equipped, roomy kitchen features a hand-hewn table with seating. The wrap-around deck is outfitted with rocking chairs where you can relax and enjoy the surrounding sights and sounds of nature.

Macaw Lodge Rooms
Macaw Lodge Rooms
Macaw Lodge Rooms
Macaw Lodge Rooms
  • Macaw Lodge Activities:
  • Macaw Lodge Activities

  • Bird Sanctuary
    Macaw Lodge is located between two life zones, the humid tropical forest and the high humidity pre-montane forest, and is surrounded by expanses of rural roads, pastures, mature and secondary forests, and organic farming plots.

    These bioclimatic, ecological, and landscape conditions make it possible for an abundance of birds to live in the Central Pacific, surpassing 300 species of migratory and resident species.

  • Yoga
    Macaw Lodge is a sanctuary for adventures of the heart, soul, mind and body. There are many options for relaxation, restoration, recreation, meditation, learning and solace.

    Special events are offered throughout the year so you can plan your visit around your passion. You’ll find seminars, yoga retreats, team-building sessions, even a retreat call Sacred Chocolate: From Bean to Bar in November. We’re always looking for new activities and often get the best ideas from our guests.

  • The Making of Chocolate
    Ever since our forefathers, cocoa has had a vital importance in people's daily life. It is now drunk daily regardless of social status. In the past nobility used to drink chocolate in artistically decorated tumblers. Cocoa was also the favorite drink of Mayan royalty, kings and priests.

    These invented basic cocoa paste preparation, which remains unchanged to this day: cocoa beans fermentation, drying, roasting, shelling, crushing and grinding. Because of this ancient tradition, we feel it is important that our visitors visit our cocoa plantations.

    This way they may know more about the cocoa tree, its characteristics, the soil factor, the fruit itself and its different varieties. In addition, they may discover the process and its benefits up to having this precious fruit on our table.


Macaw Lodge

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