Rancho Naturalista , Costa Rica

The premier birding lodge in Costa Rica, Rancho Naturalista is one of the finest bird watching lodges in Central America.

Several species of hummingbirds, as well as many other birds, can be seen right from the spacious balcony where you also have a great view of the distant smoking Turrialba volcano. It’s a wonderful getaway for birders, photographers, and naturalists.

Rancho Naturalista is famous for it’s warm, relaxed, friendly atmosphere, brilliant birding, good company, and delicious gourmet food served with the best fresh local ingredients. Meals are served family style where guests share stories of their day on the trail.

Rancho Naturalista - Turrialba, Costa Rica

Over 450 species of birds have been recorded in our private forest reserve and within the local area. You can hike and bird the trails on your own and excellent guides are also available. The weather is almost perfect year-round, not too hot and not too cold. Make Rancho Naturalista the highlight of your trip to Costa Rica.

Rancho Naturalista consists of a main Lodge where there is a large communal balcony upstairs, and 4 comfortable cabins. One of the cabins is a “casita” and has a kitchen and a living room; there are also rooms for guides and drivers.


Most rooms have views of the forest and volcanoes. There is a spacious living area in the main lodge with free Wi-Fi available. Birdwatchers find Rancho Naturalista is just what they want in a birding lodge! Our rooms are cleaned daily and are very comfortable.

Rancho Naturalista Rooms:

Rancho Naturalista Rooms

Room #1: Sunbittern

Located on the 2nd floor in the lodge this spacious room has private deck with a feeder very well attended by fearless hummingbirds. It is also quite large and has great views. It has 1 Queen bed and a single daybed.

Rancho Naturalista Rooms

Room #2: Cotinga

This is an upper level room with french doors that open right onto the balcony so you can watch the hummingbird feeders, and the view is also amazing. It has 1 Queen bed.

Rancho Naturalista Rooms

Room #5: Xenops

This small private room is quietly tucked away downstairs in the main lodge. It has 1 Queen bed. There us a garden view that gives it a cool green feeling.

Rancho Naturalista Rooms

Room #6: Tanager

This room is close to the main lodge in a little cabin, it has a Queen bed and a single bed. This room can be made into an adjoining room with room #7 for families.

Rancho Naturalista Rooms

Room #7: Motmot

This room is close to the main lodge in a little cabin and has a large bay window, it has 1 Queen bed. This room can be made into an adjoining room with room #6 for families.

Rancho Naturalista Rooms

Room #8: Aracari

This large room is near the main lodge and has 2 Queen beds and a single bed. It is a good room if you want lots of space and is also good for families and friends to share. There is a lush private garden just off the porch of this cabin.


Rancho Naturalista

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