Rios Tropicales Lodge , Costa Rica

What does “ecolodge” really mean? At the Rios Tropicales Lodge in Pacuare, Costa Rica, it means being surrounded by the beauty and splendor of primary rainforest without having to sacrifice luxury or comfort.

Equally important, they didn’t sacrifice the gorgeous environment to make you feel welcome and comfortable.

Sustainably built using reclaimed wood and hydroelectric powered, the ecolodge is a model of ecotourism (they even have numerous awards to prove it).

At Rios Tropicales, you can relax, explore and enjoy all that Costa Rica offers on a 2,409-acre private reserve at the mouth of the Pacuare Gorge. They have more than 40 miles of hiking trails and numerous waterfalls, streams and pools. The open-air dining pavilion and lounge let you watch the local wildlife and listen to the sounds only found in a tropical paradise.

Rios Tropicales Lodge Costa Rica

When you stay at the Rios Tropicales Lodge and its 2,000-acre private reserve, you can choose from several different guided tour experiences, make a difference through tree-planting, and enjoy a host of other unstructured activities.

Of course, the longer you stay at Rios Tropicales Lodge, the more likely you’ll get to experience everything we offer. And, the more likely you will return to your daily routine refreshed, rested, and restored. Availability of certain activities depends on the length of your stay at the lodge.

Rios Tropicales Lodge

Sustainability is more than a trendy buzzword at Rios Tropicales.

From their very inception 30 years ago, they have taken active steps to create and maintain conditions under which humans (that’s us) and nature (everything we love about Costa Rica) can exist in productive harmony.


For example, the ecolodge uses hydroelectric power and was constructed from reclaimed lumber by local Cabecar Indians; they recycle and compost everything possible; and they diligently practice Leave No Trace principles at the lodge and on all our trips.

Rios Tropicales Lodge Rooms:

Rios Tropicales Lodge Rooms
Rios Tropicales Lodge Rooms
Rios Tropicales Lodge Rooms
  • Rios Tropicales Lodge Adventures Include:
  • Rios Tropicales Lodge Costa Rica - Activities

  • Rainforest Restoration Tours
  • Rainforest Hikes with Naturalist Guides
  • Zipline Canopy Course
  • Combo Canyoning & Canopy
  • Horseback Riding & Local Community Tours

Rios Tropicales

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