Laguna Lodge Tortuguero , Costa Rica

Laguna Lodge is an eco-touristic lodge, located in Tortuguero in the northern Caribbean of Costa Rica.

The area has amazing rivers, lakes and wetlands that shelter a lush jungle of primary forests and exotic plants.

The lodge is built on a narrow strip of land, 650 feet wide, between Tortuguero´s main lagoon and the Caribbean Sea.

Laguna Lodge Tortuguero - Tortuguero, Costa Rica

Its rooms, reception, restaurants, bars and swimming pools are distributed amidst six acres of wonderful gardens with amazing views of the lagoon and direct access to the beach.

Laguna Lodge Costa Rica

Since 1990 Laguna Lodge has been growing to become the leading hotel in the area for its infrastructure, friendly staff and its concern for nature and the community.

Tortuguero National Park is home to 405 bird species, 52 kinds of fresh water fish, 160 species of mammals and thousands of tropical plants and trees among its 3 types of forests: Humid Tropical, Humid Premontane and Tropical Montane.


Laguna Lodge has 106 rooms spread in 6 acres of gardens.

Its design is simple and fully in compliance with nature. Rooms are wooden with all basic comforts to ensure guests have a comfortable and pleasant stay.

Laguna Lodge Rooms:

Laguna Lodge Rooms
Laguna Lodge Rooms
Laguna Lodge Rooms
Laguna Lodge Rooms
  • Laguna Lodge Activities:
  • Laguna Lodge Activities

  • Visit to Tortuguero National Park

    The tour inside the canals of the National Park is the most important activity of your trip to Tortuguero.

    You'll enjoy the lush biodiversity of flora and fauna in this ecosystem which is the most complex and dynamic of Tropical America.

    Accompanied by your naturalist guide and an experienced boatman in the area, you will appreciate the amazing variety of animal species the National Park shelter. Three species of monkeys, 400 species of birds, hundreds of reptiles and amphibians, such as iguanas, crocodiles, alligators, frogs , turtles .. And a large number of mammals.

    The boat tour is in the mornings, the duration of the tour is two hours approximately.

  • Tortuguero Village Visit

    By visiting the colorful Tortuguero town, it is possible to appreciate the lifestyle of its people, and learn a little of their customs and daily life.

    It was an ancient place of hunting, fishing and agriculture of different ethnic groups such as the Miskito, the Miskito-Zambo and Afro-Caribbean population.

    You will be able to learn about the history, the development of sawing wood during the mid-twentieth century up to the present where tourism has helped raise awareness about the preservation of nature.

    During the tour, you will visit the town school, the National Park facilities, churches, stores, the recycling plant which is one of the most efficient plants in the country and the community center that houses the Symphonic Band project.

    The tour starts at the Lodge, where you take the boat to the village of Tortuguero. You will walk along the town accompanied by a guide with a wide knowledge of the region.

  • Botanical Garden

    Visit the botanical garden of Laguna Lodge, a quiet place to learn and experience the complexity and beauty of the flora of the Caribbean. Plant families have been placed in strategic places for you to easily identify the species by their unique characteristics of each group of plants.

    You will also learn some of the medicinal uses and commercial pharmaceutical products made from plants. The garden consists of a network of trails within the exuberance of an intact forest, which will take you to a marvelous and overwhelming experience.

  • Frog Pond

    At the Laguna Lodge´s frog pond you will be surprised with a close encounter with the beautiful red eyed frog (Agalychnis callidryas). Designed to show the stages of the life cycle of the frog and help preserve this endangered species due to global warming.

    This little haven of frogs is part of our gardens.

  • Optional Tours:
  • Nature Awakening Tour

    The awakening tour is the perfect time to enjoy a wildlife that wakes up with the first rays of sun. The singing of animals to start the day, the wind sound and the absolute magic that brings the awakening in the middle of the jungle.

    The tour is a 2 hour boat ride in the National Park departing between 5:30 and 6:00am, lasts two hours.

  • Sea Turtle Nesting Tour

    Night walk to witness sea turtle nesting.

    Tortuguero National Park is the most important nesting site of the green turtle (Chelonia mydas) of the Caribbean coast in Tropical America.

    Four species of sea turtles nest on Tortuguero.

    The tour is available only during the spawning season, from the 1st of July to October 31st.

  • Hatching Season Beach Walk

    Walk on the beach to witness the birth of sea turtles. The guide will take you to an early or late walk along the beach to witness this spectacular event between September and November each year.

    Laguna Lodge has direct access to the beach in case you want to make the trek on your own.


Laguna Lodge Tortuguero

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