Tortuga Lodge & Gardens , Costa Rica

Tortuga Lodge & Gardens is rustic elegance in the Costa Rican jungle. Featured in National Geographic Tours of a Lifetime.

Be sure to schedule time in the gardens while you're at Tortuga Lodge, or sign up for the free 6 am walk with a Tortuguero Naturalist Guide.

Spacious and spread out, our gardens in Tortuguero are “plantation style,” mimicking the banana plantation big houses that dotted the Caribbean Coast of old, or of plantations in the American South.

Tortuga Lodge - Tortuguero, Costa Rica

Even if you don't see any wildlife (highly unlikely) you can roam between collections of palms and heliconia and Mountain Almond Trees, the primary food source for the Great Green Macaw.You will find benches and hammocks on the far southern point, where you may want to sit quietly and see what Mother Nature offers.

Your menu includes the freshest local ingredients simply prepared. Menus vary to include the freshest and best ingredients available. The food is what a Costa Rican grandmother would cook if she was also a creative and contemporary professional chef.

Tortuga Lodge Activities

Tortuga Lodge is located on the north east coast of Costa Rica, 47.5 KM or 29.5 miles from the Nicaraguan border, as the crow flies. The Lodge sits on the river bank directly across from an airstrip.

It is 1 mile from the mouth of the Tortuguero River and about a ten-minute boat ride from the town.


You cannot drive to Tortuguero because there are no roads; the only way to get there is by a combination of bus and boat or domestic flight.

Tortuga Lodge Rooms:

Tortuga Lodge Rooms

River View Downstairs Terrace Rooms

Each room has a front porch sitting area and a hammock.

Tortuga Lodge Rooms

River View Upstairs Balcony Rooms

Elevated view of the river, receives more breeze than the downstairs.

Tortuga Lodge Rooms

River View Downstairs Junior Suite

Twice the floor space of Terrace & Balcony rooms, with floor to ceiling windows, a seating area and multiple bedding configurations available.

Tortuga Lodge Rooms

River View Penthouse Suite

Occupies an entire second floor with 1 King & 1 queen bed closed off by gauze curtains. Living room & 2 full baths.

  • Tortuga Lodge Features:
  • Tortuga Lodge & Gardens

  • There 27 rooms. 11 Downstairs Terrace Rooms, 12 View Balcony Rooms, 2 Downstairs Suites and 1 Penthouse, all with river views.
  • All rooms have free wireless internet.
  • All rooms do not have air conditioning or television so you can appreciate the sounds of the tropical rain forest.
  • The service style is personalized, informal, caring.
  • The food is what a Costa Rican grandmother would cook if she was also a creative and contemporary professional chef.
  • The atmosphere in our lodge is quiet, laid back and tranquil, facing the Tortuguero River. No background music.

Tortuguero & Tropical Rainforests

Duration: 7 days, 6 nights
From: $1,335.00
Caribbean coastal rainforest, the Arenal Volcano and the Monteverde Cloudforest.

Tortuga Lodge

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