Zagreb , Croatia

Zagreb is Croatia's capital, as well as being a business centre, university centre, city of culture, art and entertainment. Springing up from two medieval settlements - Kaptol and Gradec, which form the core of the old Upper Town, it is a true Central European city and with the surrounding settlements it has about one million inhabitants.

The old Baroque nucleus is woven from old stone streets and buildings, many churches, a magnificent cathedral with modern shops, cosy cafes and restaurants. Have a ride on the Zagreb’s blue tram or walk down the longest street in Zagreb - Ilica, climb up the funicular to the Upper Town and visit the Lotršćak tower, St. Mark's Church, Kamenita vrata, museums and galleries...

A large number of green oases and walks, numerous excursion sites in beautiful surroundings, monuments and sacred objects make it a pleasant place to live in and a city tailored to fit every man.

Located at the foot of the Medvednica mountain, which hosts two FIS ski races, there is a sports and recreation centre on Lake Jarun with regatta races and the tennis tournament Zagreb Indoors; all this makes Zagreb a city recognized for its world-renowned sporting events.

Itineraries in Zagreb

Sailing Zagreb to Dubrovnik

Duration: 9 days, 8 nights
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Find out and explore all the secrets of the Adriatic Sea while enjoying the unique combination of sailing, city visits, beautiful beaches, local walks, vineyards and romantic dinners.

The Croatian Pearls

Duration: 9 days, 8 nights
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The best of Croatia is right here! From well-preserved castles to several UNESCO World Heritage sites. If you like nature and would like to see the best of Croatia tour is the one for you!
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