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Any Cuban journey must start in Havana. Her faded beauty is legendary – this is hands-down the most winsome city in the Caribbean.

This exciting and romantic city is rising up from its ruins. This seductive city has risen from the ashes with the painstaking restoration work. Plazas have been returned to their former glory, their fountains flowing once more, their facades restored attentively.

Along the seafront of Havana, the malecón, the strains of salsa waft from the sound systems of vintage Cadillacs and Buicks, and the facades of grandiose seafront buildings are being slowly resurrected. Street life in Havana is key: on-the-ground socializing is the top Cuban pastime, whether that's domino playing, gossiping, or arguing loudly about baseball; so from the Havana belles to the beauteous buildings, there is always something to captivate and beguile.

Old Havana, Cuba

There is also plenty to see and do in Havana with a wide selection of museums and cultural spaces where you can enjoy virtuoso ballet, Afro-Cuban dance, flamenco, jazz and timba. After years of boredom on the restaurant scene, a panoply of new private restaurants, paladares, are pushing the envelope on the culinary scene as the government loosens the laws governing small business start-ups.

The nightlife is exuberant: think alfresco salsa clubs, plentiful live music venues and troubadour sessions. Just outside town, Las Playas del Este offers a sneak preview of Cuba's legendary turquoise water-and-white-sand beaches.

Finally, the hotels are a draw: choose from faded art deco grande dames, colonial boltholes, contemporary international chains, and a plethora of newly-created villas. If you want to stay in a original 1950s suburban home or a penthouse on the malecón, we can fix you your own private pied-a-terre.

Itineraries in Havana

5 Nights In Havana

Duration: 6 days, 5 nights
From: $3,812.00
Five nights in Havana at a luxury hotel with VIP services, daily tours and excursions.

Havana & Trinidad

Duration: 7 days, 6 nights
From: $4,431.00
This 6-night VIP trip includes 4 nights in Havana with daily activities and a 2-night road trip to Trinidad with a stop in Cienfuegos.
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