Napo Cultural Center , Ecuador

The Napo Cultural Center is located in the Yasuní National Park in Ecuador, one of the most diverse ecosystems in the planet with approximately 980 hectares of Amazon Rainforest.

This is one of the main reasons the Yasuní has became an essential place to visit in the Ecuadorian Amazon. It is a perfect place for nature lovers.

The Napo Cultural Center is located on the banks of the Napo River near the beautiful Ecuadorian town of Francisco de Orellana, the most important town in the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador.

This town is also known as “Coca”, where the beautiful waters of both, the Coca River and the Napo River flow.

Napo Cultural Center - Yasuní National Park, Ecuador

Built and designed by the Kichwa Añangu Community, at the Napo Cultural Center you will feel part of the community everyday life and know more about their traditions and cosmovision which is a coherent body of myths, rituals, and an immense value for “mother Earth” and existence.

During your stay at the hotel, you will be removed from urban stress to a world where nature comes to live.

Napo Cultural Center Observation Tower

Perfect for couples, families and groups of friends, for a holiday or short break, Napo Cultural Center offers an opportunity to enjoy contact with nature and also to be near the main cultural attractions of Anangu Kichwa Community.

The project consists in 16 independent cabins, in the form of small eco-friendly houses with very nice areas (allows up to 3 guests) scattered around the Anangu Kichwa village, with a privileged view over the forest; all the building materials invoke nature - wood and vertical gardens. It also features restaurant, bar and souvenir shop.


With ample and comfortable cabins, the lodge accommodates a total of 48 people in suites, double and triple rooms. The fully equipped cabins feature electricity, ventilation, water and a private bathroom, with a balcony and hammock surrounded by beautifully groomed natural gardens. The restaurant, serving local, and international food, has a maximum capacity of 60 people.

Napo Cultural Center Cabins:

Napo Cultural Center Rooms


Napo Cultural Center Rooms



Napo Cultural Center

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