Mashpi Lodge , Ecuador

A cocoon of luxury in the clouds, where contemporary design moves in harmony with nature.

Mashpi Lodge is the place to encounter 500 species of birds; trees and frogs found nowhere in the world; crashing waterfalls and mysterious felines.

Dare yourself to trek down hidden paths, splash through rivers, rise at dawn to spot rare birds, or fly high above it all aboard our Dragonfly. A hideaway in the forest only accessible to its privileged guests and located on a scenic plateau, the lodge features breathtaking views of the surrounding forested mountains right up close through its floor-to-ceiling panoramic glass windows. Like a cathedral to the natural world, it protrudes from the verdant hillside, holding unknown comforts and pleasures within.


It seems unfathomable that such a wild and remote site could even be associated with a city, yet Mashpi lies within the Metropolitan District of Quito, the capital of Ecuador. The lodge perches at 950 meters (3,117 feet) above sea level and the reserve in which it is located ranges in altitude from 500 meters to 1200 meters above sea level. Even our local guests express amazement that such an incredible wilderness lies within the city borders and that it can be reached without complicated logistics.


Mashpi Lodge Rooms

Wayra Rooms

The 20 Wayra rooms (Wayra is a Kichwa word which means “Wind”) all cover a generous 34 square meters (366 square feet). 13 Wayra Twin Rooms have two full-size beds, three rooms located at the end of the northwestern wing and the rest along the southeastern wing. 7 Wayra King Rooms out of the 20 rooms feature king-size beds.

Mashpi Lodge Rooms

Yaku Suites

The lodge’s three Yaku Suites (Yaku is a Kichwa word meaning “Water”) extend over an expansive 46 square meters (495 square feet). They are located on the first floor, at the lodge’s northwestern end. Each one features a large bathroom with twin washbasins and Philippe Starck-designed bathtubs-with-a-view. All of them have king-size beds.



  • Mashpi Lodge Features:
  • Architecture
    Mashpi Lodge was built with the latest techniques for sustainable construction – like parts preassembled in Quito – and is designed to blend perfectly with its natural environs. It is strikingly-contemporary, featuring modernist design and décor, mixing warm earth tones, steel, stone and glass in salient perspectives: a true cocoon amid the forest.

  • Open-Air Panoramic Terrace
    On the upper level, a lovely open-air terrace with pergola style roof, seats and tables, provides a space for guests to enjoy splendid views and a place to relax with the sounds of the forest and its inhabitants almost at touching distance. This is a favorite venue for early-morning bird-watching. Grab your binoculars and scroll down to watch birds from the terrace.

  • The Restaurant & Explorer's Bar
    Dining at Mashpi offers another form of exploration and delight: discover the regions and customs of Ecuador through the fresh local ingredients in our gourmet dishes, accompanied by sophisticated wines or cocktails.

    The Lodge’s towering Dining Room reaches up two-stories high, a dramatic setting for a lively gourmet experience. Here, Mashpi’s chefs draw from the diversity of Ecuadorian cuisine and ingredients, making the most of its location between the coast and the Andes: the best of both worlds.

    The Explorer’s Bar is the perfect space to relax while watching night-time creatures flutter by the floor-to-ceiling windows after a day of jungle discovery, the Explorers’ Bar is stocked with beers, fine wines from mainly Chile and Argentina, and premium liquor, and is manned by our expert barman.

  • Spa
    Offering a range of beauty treatments and massages, our spa allows you to indulge and de-stress, reconnecting with yourself and with the essence of nature. With a massage room on our terrace, treatments come accompanied by uplifting birdsong, to a backdrop of boundless beauty.

  • Boutique
    A small boutique sells a variety of books, guides, clothes and souvenirs as well as toiletries and other essentials for guests. Treat yourself, friends and family to fragrant essential oils, award-winning Ecuadorian chocolate, or a one-of-a-kind shirt depicting Mashpi’s best-loved creatures.

  • Viewing Platform
    Like a ship’s prow staring into the the steaming forest, our viewing platform juts out over the plateau, a metal structure that provides a space where you can be immersed in the world of Mashpi, surrounded by the calls of the birds and erratic dance of the butterflies.

  • Expedition Room
    An extensive library of books awaits in the Reading and Learning Room on the first floor, a space also used by the Naturalist Guides and the Resident Biologist to present talks to guests, providing in-depth information about the forest and its spectacular inhabitants.

  • Laboratory
    Led by our entomologist, the laboratory is home to investigation projects carried out in the Mashpi Reserve, looking into all kinds of living creatures. A particular interest is paid to invertebrates, looking into small organisms like miniature bees, aquatic insects in the rivers around the reserve, up to the variations in butterflies depending on the altitude.

  • Life Center
    Located an easy 20-minute walk from the Lodge, the Life Center is one of the most magical places in the Reserve. Watch tayras and tropical birds come to feed as you relax or breakfast on the wooden deck, feeling at one with nature. You can also learn about the metamorphosis of the different species of butterflies that inhabit the reserve.


Mashpi Lodge

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