Hacienda La Cienega , Ecuador

Hosteria La Cienega is more than 400 years old and is one of the oldest colonial haciendas in Ecuador.

Located near the slopes of the majestic Cotopaxi volcano and its National Park, this mansion has been the scene of important events in the country's scientific and social history.

Today, turned into a luxury boutique hotel, La Cienega offers the visitor the unique experience of staying within its walls of volcanic stone two meters thick that are silent witnesses of the history of a village and the poetry of an era.

Hacienda La Cienega

Surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of the landscape and the rich folklore of the indigenous peoples of Ecuador. La Cienega is an unforgettable memory of your visit to the Andes.

The hotel offers activities on horseback, biking tours, trekking to the Quilotoa Lagoon, sight of the eruption of Tunguragua Volcano, walk to the Illinizas with its springs of hot springs, Cotopaxi volcano La Chilintosa and Volcano Cotopaxi.


Hacienda La Cienega

Single Room

Hacienda La Cienega

Double Room

Hacienda La Cienega

Triple Room

Hacienda La Cienega

Matrimonial Room

Hacienda La Cienega

Family Suite

Hacienda La Cienega

Luxury Suite



Hacienda La Cienega

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