Hacienda San Agustin de Callo , Ecuador

One and a quarter hours from Quito, the capital of Ecuador, stands the beautiful and little known colonial hotel Hacienda San Agustín de Callo.

Built on the site of an Inca palace, the varied and influential inhabitants of San Agustín de Callo have contributed to the unique blend of architecture which creates the individual character of the house.

In the main courtyard it is possible to see three distinct styles, Inca (Imperial style 15th century, construction style which the Incas used for their temples and palaces), Spanish Colonial (18th century) and Republican (19th century).

Hacienda San Agustin de Callo - Lasso, Ecuador

The Inca House has two dining rooms.

One is a unique Inca Imperial dining room and one is a breakfast room which also has an Inca wall.

Hacienda San Agustin de Callo Rooms

The English style breakfasts are varied and abundant with excellent cheeses, homemade products, cream, granola and butter, yogurt, breads, exotic juices, a variety of eggs with bacon and sausages, marmalades, and a variety of fresh fruit and exotic fruit on the table.

Hacienda San Agustín de Callo Rooms:

Hacienda San Agustin de Callo Rooms

Inca House

The Inca House is the main house and has five rooms, two suites with adjoining living rooms and three standard double rooms, all the rooms have king size beds, ensuite bathrooms and fireplaces in all the bedrooms and in several of the bathrooms.

Hacienda San Agustin de Callo Rooms

Callo Lodge

This charming house is set slightly apart from the Inca House. It has a cosy sitting room, fireplace and kitchen. Music, books and cable TV available. Wonderful views all around.

Hacienda San Agustin de Callo Rooms

Cotopaxi House

A short distance away from the Inca House is Cotopaxi House. Both suites offer independent sitting rooms with sofa beds, music, books, cable TV and views of Cotopaxi and surrounding mountain ranges. These suites have jacuzzis with showers.

  • Activities at Hacienda San Agustin de Callo:
  • Activities at Hacienda San Agustin de Callo

  • Horseback Riding
    The chance to visit Andean towns and villages using old Inca paths. One of the favorite horse rides takes you towards the Cotopaxi through a pine forest to plains just below the volcano with magnificent views of the surrounding mountains.

    For special occasions, you might order an exquisite treat with canopy, table, hors-d’oeuvres, champagne or wine and then a pleasant nap somewhere in the magical Andes.

  • Mountain Biking
    A vehicle can take you up to the Cotopaxi refuge at 4.800 meters above sea level (15.700 ft) where you can start an extraordinary downhill bicycle ride ending at the park’s entrance (The entrance is 20 minutes from the hotel). There you will be met and driven back to San Agustín de Callo.

    Other paths will lead you to surrounding areas such as the volcanic rock of the Virgin located in one of Cotopaxi’s ancient lava flows that can also be approached by horse. Nearby rose plantations can be visited on foot or by bicycle.


Hacienda San Agustin de Callo

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