Hotel Victoria , Ecuador

Hotel Victoria is located in Cuenca, Ecuador, nestled between the hustle of Calle Larga and the serenity of Barranco: you’ll have the river at your feet and the Historical Center just steps away.

The interior is decorated with elements typical of Ecuadorian culture. Spacious areas and corridors allow you to enjoy of a peaceful and pleasant stay. The hotel has a beautiful garden facing the river.

But the charms of the Hotel Victoria are also inside: They have taken care of every detail of each hall, living area and room. In the hotel you will find objects from various cultures and different eras. They can be French ornaments, Spanish decorations, Canaris sculptures and oil paintings by Cuenca artists - all coexist in harmony.

Hotel Victoria Ecuador

All rooms are comfortable and include typical amenities and wireless internet as well as impressive views of the city. The hotel's El Jardín Restaurant has been a local gastronomic landmark for 35 years. Daily breakfast included.

Selected Rooms:

Hotel Victoria Ecuador

Simple Room

For one person. One full bed. Includes breakfast.

Hotel Victoria Ecuador

Double Twin Room

For two people. Two full-size beds. Includes breakfast.

Hotel Victoria Ecuador

Matrimonial Room

For two people. One king sized bed. Includes breakfast.

Hotel Victoria Ecuador


For two people. One king sized bed. Living room or terrace. Includes breakfast.

Hotel Victoria Ecuador

Family Suite

For three people. One king bed, one queen bed. Two floors; living room. It includes breakfast.



Hotel Victoria

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