My SachaJi , Ecuador

My SachaJi, which means “Beloved Mountain”, is a space for you to connect with nature,the Andean culture, art, architecture, and most importantly yourself.

Nestled on Cusín Volcano, Ecuador’s oldest dormant volcano just 15 km (nine miles) from the famous Otavalo Indian market, we are just 96 km (60 miles) from Quito and a mere 60 km (37 miles) from the airport.

A pioneer in wellness in Ecuador, immersed in Andean healing traditions and led by experienced healers, we created My SachaJi ecolodge as a space for guests to disconnect, find balance, relax and delight in majestic views over San Pablo Lake and the imposing Imbabura volcano in the northern Andes.

The pure mountain air, serene setting, cozy yet simple rooms and spaces, warm and sincere service, and delicious meals prepared fresh from our on-site organic vegetable garden, all combine to create a sense connection and simplicity, making your journey one of both renewal and discovery.


Time, space and life take on new meaning here with us. My SachaJi accompanies you on your quest for a clearer sense of self and a more perceptive understanding of your life’s purpose.

We believe that all our guests should return home with new knowledge in head and heart, whether it be consciousness about Fengshui, breathing methods, meditation, uses of medicinal plants, or a connection to Andean culture.

By staying at My SachaJi you are part of creating positive change. You are contributing to a unique project, which aims to spread the wisdom of sustainability far and wide, through our cutting-edge eco-architecture, energy use, and agro-forestry techniques, as well as help our local indigenous community flourish.


My SachaJi


My SachaJi


My SachaJi


My SachaJi




My SachaJi

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