Bay of Jiquilisco , El Salvador

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The Bahia de Jiquilisco area is a natural treasure on the Pacific coast that is home to abundant biodiversity, declared a RAMSAR site and a Biosphere Reserve.

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Bahia de Jiquilisco is full of natural resources and home for more than 17 species that live in the mangrove forest. On our tours of this amazing area you will collect, help research and release giant Hawsksbill and Black Turtles.

Through this process visitors will learn about what ICAPO ( project does in order to protect sea turtles. Tours are done on a sustainability basis with the conservation project.

By taking this tour, you will be supporting the continuous research for the conservation project. Expect to weight and measure the turtles, take a skin sample and place a plate on the turtle. This tour is guided by professionals vets or biologist who work directly with the conservation program.

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