Playa Las Flores / El Cuco , El Salvador

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Las Flores Beach and point break (Playa Las Flores) is the ideal location for learning to surf or taking your surfing to the next level.

The waves are located directly in front of the hotels so access is as simple as grabbing your surfboard each morning and going directly to the beach below. Las Flores is a unique sandy bottom point break that combines the best features of a point break (a long peeling wave) with the forgiving sand bottom of a beach break.

Los Mangos Surfing El Salvador

While many surf schools teach you to surf at a semi-closeout beach break, at Las Flores you will actually learn to surf at a world class wave! Even beginners can experience the pleasure of rides in excess of 50 to 100 yards long, which results in an accelerated learning curve because of the increased opportunity to maneuver on the waves.

Year-round water temperatures above 20 degrees mean no need to bother with cumbersome wetsuits here you'll just need trunks, a rash guard, and plenty of sun protection. You can combine surf lessons with yoga retreat, healthy food and wellness programs.

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