Sal y Luz Boutique Hotel , El Salvador

Sal y Luz Boutique Hotel (Hotel Salt and Light) in San Salvador, El Salvador has 7 unique rooms designed to give you 7 different experiences.

Salt is the oldest seasoning in the world that gives flavor to life and light is the guide to the path of peace and happiness.

Sal y Luz is a perfect place to connect your inner peace, where you feed your energy, renew and reinvent yourself.

Hotel Sal y Luz - San Salvador, El Salvador

The Amar Restaurant ready to receive lovers of gastronomy.

Each dish prepared with passion for the most demanding palates with ingredients of the highest quality obtained from Salvadoran producers and also imported form abroad.

Hotel Sal y Luz

Le Petite Spa is an exclusive space that will make you enjoy total relaxation, nature does not take off from the spa, with aromas and sounds will be transported to the ocean or to a forest where you will be the protagonist of a phenomenal rest.

Hotel Sal y Luz Rooms:

Hotel Sal y Luz Rooms
Hotel Sal y Luz Rooms
Hotel Sal y Luz Rooms
Hotel Sal y Luz Rooms

Hotel Sal y Luz

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