Suchitoto , El Salvador

Suchitoto, El Salvador travel itineraries and places to stay.

Suchitoto has cobblestone streets, colonial houses, a church, art galleries, markets.

The town is close to Lake Suchitlan, a dammed river with an ecosystem ideal for birdwatching with an abundant variety of species, pelicans, herons and storks.

Hotel Los Almendros de San Lorenzo

  • Activities in and around Suchitoto:
  • Guided walks in Suchitoto.
  • Horseback riding to Guazapa with an ex-guerilla local guide and see their former combat and campsites, trenches, tattoos and bomb holes. Guazapa was the scenario for multiple bombings and military raids as it was a strategic bastion of the rebels for twelve years and in a repeated attempt by the army to retake the territory.
  • Visit Cinquera, a small and picturesque rural community located in the Salvadorian Department of Cabañas, where the post-war community is a ideal example of how to work together for a better life. The history of this community changed from being a ghost town during El Salvador’s civil war to a well-organized community living in peace. Here, you will visit their natural reserve, where you will hike through the rainforest with local guide.
  • At an Indigo workshop you will learn all about the process and enjoy designing your own scarf. Indigo is a natural colorant extracted from the Xiquilite plant.
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