Finch Bay Eco Hotel , Galapagos

The Finch Bay Eco Hotel is ideally-located in a prime position next to the only public beach in the town of Puerto Ayora, on the south side of Santa Cruz Island.

The hotel is both close and yet separate from the town. The island of Santa Cruz is part of the Galapagos archipelago’s central islands, which means that most of the National Park’s important highlight visitor sites (Bartolome, North Seymour, etc.) can be reached easily on the day-long Island Yacht Explorations.


The all-inclusive Galapagos tour programs - 3, 4 and 7 nights - combine exploring visitor sites within the National Park aboard the hotel’s own yacht with days full of learning and relaxation closer to the hotel on Santa Cruz Island. You will join the highly-qualified, bilingual naturalist staff for day-trips to nearby islands aboard the yacht. You’ll be part of a small group of only 20 guests, with fully personalized service aboard with 4 crew members, delicious buffet lunch, air-conditioned interiors, viewing decks.

Visitor sites include the wildlife-rich North Seymour, iconic Bartolome, the wild and rugged South Plaza, and the beautiful Santa Fe. The 7-night Island-to-Island Deluxe Galapagos Island Hopping Program combines Isabela Island with Scalesia Lodge and Santa Cruz Island with the Finch Bay Eco Hotel. All trips include time to enjoy some snorkeling – one of the highlights of any Galapagos experience – whether at the same island, or at a nearby site.

The ecologically-orientated Finch Bay Eco Hotel has 6 Finch Bay Suites and 21 Finch Bay Rooms all with bathrooms and air conditioning. Delicious, healthy international and Galapagos-inspired dishes are prepared daily by the hotel’s qualified Executive Chef, using the freshest ingredients – including many from its organic vegetable garden.


Finch Bay Eco Hotel

Finch Bay Rooms

The hotel’s 21 Finch Bay Rooms are arrayed in a ring around the property, connected by an attractive wooden walkway through the hotel’s recently re-landscaped gardens. All of the rooms have balconies with hammocks, perfect for a read or a snooze after a day discovering the islands.

Finch Bay Eco Hotel

Finch Bay Suites

The hotel’s Finch Bay Suites are the newest additions to its architecture. They’re split into two sets, with four to the west of the property and two to the east. All of them are slightly elevated – although artfully mimetic with their walls lined with dark volcanic stones and discreet wooden handrails – giving them unparalleled views across the bay and the ocean.



Finch Bay Eco Hotel

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