Hotel Iguana , Galapagos

Hotel Iguana is a warm and comfortable family hotel that is ideal for your stay on Isabela island in the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador.

It is located 300 m. (3 min.) From the Puerto Villamil Center, with accessibility and proximity to the Isabela Beach, Concha de Perla Natural Park, El Embarcadero Pier, The Wall of Lágrimas Historic Site and the Galapagos National Park.

The hotel has a breakfast area, a terrace and a garden as well as a lobby cafeteria with free coffee, water or tea.

Hotel Iguana - Galapagos Islands

We are characterized by a family tourism management for travelers and we offer our services based on corporate values ​​such as hospitality, respect, responsibility, commitment, honesty and thoroughness in terms of cleanliness and personal interaction.

Hotel Iguana has 17 Rooms and all are equipped with air conditioning, hot and cold showers, wardrobes, tables, chairs, bedside tables, towels, soap and shampoo.

Hotel Iguana Rooms:

Hotel Iguana Rooms
Hotel Iguana Rooms
Hotel Iguana Rooms
Hotel Iguana Rooms

Hotel Iguana

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