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Scalesia Galapagos Lodge is situated in the middle of a 16-hectare property of forest with a spectacular view of the coast of Isabela Island, the Pacific Ocean, and other islands of Galapagos dotting the horizon.

Scalesia Lodge is a new concept of lodging in the Galapagos Islands, it has been designed to connect you with nature and allow you to explore and enjoy Galapagos at its best.

Accommodation is in luxury safari-camp style tents with decks and panoramic forest views. The main lodge is a modern and minimalist social area with a restaurant, different meeting areas, a conference room, a swimming pool and wrap-around decks.

Scalesia Galapagos Lodge - Puerto Villamil, Ecuador

Scalesia Galapagos Lodge is located in the highlands of Isabela, about 20 minutes (9 miles / 14 kilometers) from Puerto Villamil. The lodge is nestled in the center of 16 hectares of property in the middle of a magical forest with a spectacular view of the coast of Isabela Island and the Pacific Ocean.

In addition to lodging and tours on Isabela Island, island hopping tours can be arranged that combine Isabela with Santa Cruz, Floreana and San Cristobal.

Scalesia Galapagos Lodge

The beautifully decorated and very comfortable tents are located in the middle of the forest with views of the Pacific Ocean, where you will find the peace and tranquility only Galapagos can offer you.

The most pristine of the 3 populated islands, Isabela is home of six large volcanoes. The island is divided into two sections, with the northern half of the island famous for its wild and remote environment characterized by shallow waters. The southern part of the island casts a shadow over the north, with its towering volcanoes and spewing fumaroles.

Scalesia Galapagos Lodge Wildlife

In terms of wildlife Isabela concentrates a vast majority of all species found in the Galapagos. In Puerto Villamil area you can find an abundance of blue footed boobies, pelicans, penguins, flamingos, herons, ducks, finches, tropical birds, sea turtles, sea lions, marine iguanas, manta rays, sharks, eals, tropical fish. Galapagos tortoises as well as land iguanas roam free in Sierra Negra Volcano. Sally lightfoot crabs, hawks, owls, dolphins, whales among others species -are often spotted.

Scalesia programs include 2, 3 and 4-night Amazing Isabela packages and a 7-night Isabela and Santa Cruz island package combination with Finch Bay Eco Hotel. All meals and excursions are included.

Scalesia Galapagos Lodge Tents:

Scalesia Galapagos Lodge Rooms
Scalesia Galapagos Lodge Rooms
Scalesia Galapagos Lodge Rooms

Scalesia Galapagos Lodge

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