Hotel Casa Santo Domingo , Guatemala

At Hotel Casa Santa Domingo, the stone walls with more than 400 years of history will allow you to enjoy a unique atmosphere and memorable experiences.

Located a few meters from the main entrance to the city of La Antigua Guatemala, this innovative Hotel Museum Spa has managed to integrate modern comforts with one of the most important colonial archaeological monuments in the Americas.

Life passed by placidly for the ancient residents of Santo Domingo, who, despite their life of spiritual simplicity and frugal customs, enjoyed the flavors and delicious cuisine from recipes inspired by visits to foreign lands.

Hotel Casa Santo Domingo - Antigua, Guatemala

Casa Santa Domingo invites you to take a gastronomical tour through their kitchen, where you will be able to select the dish of your preference and have it prepared to suit your taste.

More than a restaurant, “Refectorio del Prior” is a relaxing dining experience that allows you to enjoy a beautiful setting and dine on rich international cuisine.

Casa Santa Domingo Antigua Guatemala Dining

The restaurant offers the finest in food, service and atmosphere by providing a variety of dishes that are sure to please any palate.

The second restaurant, Tenedor del Cerro, is a private oasis surrounded by nature, art and culture. Here one can enjoy delicious pizza, pasta and other grilled specialties.

Casa Santa Domingo Antigua Guatemala Spa

At the adjacent Bar "El Cabildo" we offer a comfortable retreat so that you can enjoy your favorite drinks and appetizers—the perfect place for private conversations among friends, business companions or for a romantic rendezvous.

The decoration of each of its 130 guest rooms includes works of art by renowned Guatemalan plastic artists and handmade fabrics with traditional contemporary designs.

Hotel Casa Santa Domingo Rooms:

Hotel Casa Santa Domingo Rooms
Hotel Casa Santa Domingo Rooms
Hotel Casa Santa Domingo Rooms
Hotel Casa Santa Domingo Rooms
Hotel Casa Santa Domingo Rooms

Casa Santa Domingo

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