Casa Palopo , Guatemala

Since 2000, Casa Palopo have established a tradition of personalized service, fine dining and eco-friendly activities in an incomparable setting.

Casa Palopó, loaded with antiques, brightly painted walls, exquisite furnishings, artifacts and art; submerges guests into Guatemala’s rich culture.

Located 90 miles from Guatemala City, Casa Palopo is a beautiful villa built on the hills surrounding Santa Catarina Palopó village, on the shores of lake Atitlan, overlooking the lake and its three magnificent volcanoes.

Each of the 15 bedrooms has a unique feel, all decorated differently with varying layouts and sizes of the bedroom, private bathrooms and patios. The gourmet restaurant 6.8 Palopó is set in Casa Palopo’s luxury boutique hotel.

Selected Rooms:

Casa Palopo

Santa Catarina - Master Suite

Casa Palopo

San Antonio - Suite

Casa Palopo

San Pablo - Junior

Casa Palopo

San Lucas - Deluxe

Casa Palopo

San Juan - Deluxe

Casa Palopo

San Marcos - Deluxe



Casa Palopo

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